style brick road: turns me to gold in the sunlight.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

turns me to gold in the sunlight.

I really cannot explain how angry I'm at myself for being too lazy to put anything on that has any sense of style or fashion during these hot days. My daily outfits are based on shorts, and t-shirts (thinest cotton possible), combined with espadrilles, or some colourful plimsolls. Eventually, I pull out an oversized button-up or a pair of funky shoes. Thankfully, I'm doing some styling for Elle magazine right now, so I think of putting 'prettier' clothes as a part of my job. Of course, it's not. But a man can fantasize, right?!

Last few days, I'm trying to do something with my daily fashion - light layering, and colour/print mix are my only 'magic powers' right now, so I decided to include both of them in my yesterday's OOTD.
I must say, I didn't sweat nor I had to take of anything, this striped tee is one of the best buys of the season (at only 50 kunas, about 5 pounds) - perfect for the beach, or the city, and I'm sure I'll also wear in the autumn. The Trska MINI MAL necklace is also one of my favourite summer pieces because it's very light (word of the day! :P), and brings a bit of drama to the outfit, without me suffering - at all. 

So yeah - my perfect summer formula? Colour, print, and gold accents! 

PS. I think this is what I'd wear if I were heading to Coachella! ;)
Trska (LINK) golden bar MINI MAL necklace // Giant Vintage gold metal round sunglasses (find them HERE) // vintage sleeveles denim shirt // h&m 3/4 sleeve striped tee // pull&bear neon green denim shorts // h&m leaf print baseball cap // piper suede ankle boots // Daniel Wellington black leather watch