style brick road: summer in the city.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

summer in the city.

Summer in the city has always been one of my worst nightmares, but now it's hapenning - I kinda like it. I may not have the beach by my side, but I have a job I love (and honestly would hate to leave right now ˆ.ˆ), obligations that make me happy & excited, and after all - the time for myself. Yes, all of my best friends scattered to different parts of the coast, but as an individual person it means more time for doing what I love to do on my own. Going to the cinema, reading nice books, writing, and many other stuff I don't want anyone to know I'm doing. Those are what Carrie Bradshaw call SSB - Secret single behaviour. 
The thing I hate about this so called lonely time is sleeping to much. I've never considered myself a sleepyhead, but one opportunity makes a thief - if I have too much time, I sleep too much. Fortunately, I've piled a lot of to-dos on my back so after 2 or 3 slow days, there come a 3 or 4 busy ones. Balance is the key of everything.
But I'll stop boring you with my personal sh*t, and talk about this colourful (to say the least) outfit I wore today. These retro shorts have already been with me an all my trips in the last month or two, but I haven't worn them until today when I decided to go all-out with colours. I said to myself: if 'stuck' in the city, why not make it colourful?!
And oh, how I made it colourful.
vintage neon chameleon printed shorts // h&m striped t-shirt // nike air vortex vntg green sneakers // baggu neon yellow canvas backpack // primark yellow&orange oversized round sunglasses // kastner&ohler neon orange baseball cap