style brick road: pink lemonade.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

pink lemonade.

And hello my new makeover!!
They say 'When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!!', and that's right what I (with the help of the masterful Irena Dominić from Topstil Hair Salon in Zagreb) did. My magenta pink hair started to wash out, and at first I didn't like it. It felt a bit sloppy, and as a person with a 'little' problem called OCD, I instantly wanted to go and dye it. Fortunately, my hairdresser was in London, so I wasn't able to schedule an appointment, and I learnt to live with it (HEY, what a nice way of getting rid of OCD!).
When I finally went to Topstil to get my hair done yesterday, I was thinking about just getting a summer cut, and maybe just refresh the colour, BUT NO - it couldn't be simple. And I love it when it's complicated.
We got an idea of candy coloured hair (Hi, my name is Dino, and I'm a candymaniac), and we (Irena & I) did what we had to do - bleached, dyed, and TA-DA. My pink lemonade strawberry blonde hair is here. 
I must say, this MUST be my favourite makeover yet, and I know it's going to get even better with time. And just for making the hair perfect, I got a brand new product from Label.m (soon available @ - a texture wax stick. I've never been keen on the hair wax, but this one is easy to apply (straight to the hair), and its texture is not sticky but soft, and silky. It's easily my new favourite hair styling product. I'm very selective with my cosmetics. If I love something I use only that, but if I find something better I easily exchange it. Fortunately, I'm not like that with my friends, nor my clothes! ;)

Hope you like the whole outcome, and my mini set of photos I took just to show off my new do, and a brand new me! 

+ extra candid bloopers
wearing Giant Vintage black aviator sunglasses (find them HERE) & a vintage denim oversized shirt