style brick road: Nike Air Vortex VNTG

Monday, 1 July 2013

Nike Air Vortex VNTG

My love for shoes/sneakers is irrational. I don't want it to sound as one of those 'fashion fetish' things (because I don't believe in that), but footwear shopping is the only time I don't think twice.

I went to a shopping centre yesterday, just to find a pair of sandals for my sister. Naturally, most store that sell sandals, also sell other, men's for this instance, footwear. Of course, when I enter a footwear store I instantly see at least 5 pairs of shoes I'd love to have. I don't buy them. Just because there's no point in owning shoes you don't have space for. We're not all Carrie Bradshaws who keep their shoes in the oven. I have a 3x3 room, 3 more people in my house that also own shoes, and no more than 3 shoe cabinets. So, most of the shoes I own I keep under my bed. I know it's not very hygienic, but that's what I do for shoes I love. Add the budget factor, and I really can't buy any pair of shoes I like. There must be a selection phase.

SO, as I was browsing through a lot of fabulous footwear, I saw a pair of this beautiful Nike Air Vortex sneakers. Whenever I shoe-shop I think of few things - 1. do I have a similar pair; 2. are they on sale (I'm a freak for sale hahaha) 3. are they comfortable (notice that this segment is last on my list HAHA). These beautiful Poison Green Nikes were absolutely comfortable, on sale & my first pair of green sneakers. The soles are not very thick which I love (not a fan of Air Max sneakers), and they really couldn't be any lighter.

They also reminded me of the Valentino Rockrunner sneakers (I wrote about them here) which I searched for, but couldn't find the neon ones ANYWHERE. Funny thing is, usually you see affordable brands 'copying' (or should I say 'being inspired by') the luxury brands, but you can't not see the remarkable resemblance between these two sneakers. So, if I'm not wrong - if Nike Air Vortex are an 'older' thing, would that mean that Valentino's designers have been inspired by these cheap ol' sneaks?! JK, I'm just fooling around - they're both gorgeous.

I'm definitely gonna rock them with a pair of skinny jeans, and a white/denim/printed oversized shirt, or maybe even with a more formal look like a blazer & a formal pant. When I googled for more models, I saw very chic Phoebe Philo, and my favourite blogger EVAH Susie Bubble both wearing them in a very different way. Hope you can get inspiration for wearing some updated sneaker looks from these 2 very cool & very different ladies.

PS. I also bought a pair of red oxford shoes which I'll wear & show you soon!

PPS. This is my first European Union written post! HAHA