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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

MENSWEAR. Top 20 s/s 2014 shoes

 From moccasins, through sneakers & oxfords, to sandals & boots. Everything was present at the s/s 2014 fashion shows. I already showed you my TOP 30 looks from the shows (find them HERE), and now it's time to show you 20 pairs of shoes I'd own & wear in a heartbeat.
Some of them are basic & classic, others are a bit avant-garde & cray-cray, but they all have something in common - I LOVE THEM.
It's funny how fashion houses of absolutely different aesthetics share the same trends - black, studded, yellow, metallics, neutrals or artwork. Expecting for me to choose favourites among these beauties is like asking a father to choose a favourite child of his (not quite, but a man must be overdramatic sometimes). BUT, as any father, I've got some 'number 1s'. If I came to a showroom where all of these were exposed, and I'd had to choose some it would be:
1. Kenzo sneaks for day
2. Saint Laurent boots for rain
3. Lanvin studded brogues for work
4. Louis Vuitton oxfords for partying

Now, we've got that straight - anyone offers to send me a pair? :P