style brick road: IN LOVE. KYE menswear s/s 2014

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

IN LOVE. KYE menswear s/s 2014

Whenever I hear 'streetwear' I imagine men with golden grills in their teeth, black snapbacks, and ghetto chains. It's baggy jeans falling under the wearer's behind, and white wife-beaters tight as a corset all over the place.
But hey, according to a British brand called KYE, it's more than that. WAY more than that. Kathleen (the designer) decided to give straight streetwear silhouettes a nice modern spin that I'd personally call futuristic ghetto. Wide legged 3/4 shorts aka baseball bermudas are produced in stiff metallics and hard leather while oversized tops & button-ups are interpreted in soft silks. It's a street paradox that works oh so well. 
Elements that keep the whole collection fashionable are those like plaster detailing, or the fringe tassels hanging of the caps. You know how they say - it's details that count.
Still, I can't stop thinking how this is the first menswear collection forwardly thinking in combining sportswear in an understated yet fashionable way. It's not some pretentious kind of minimalism, or the glamourous type of sportswear. It's basically fashion with an edge.
I would never say it's my style at the first sight of it, but somehow, while looking at the photos for some time now - I'd like to own more, and more pieces. I'd combine the oversized metallics with basic white tees, or skinny blue jeans, and I'd wear the printed pieces with some colourful shorts. 
Finally, I think the whole point of this collection is that you don't have to be street to wear street. 
Halla for fashion & personal style! :)
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