style brick road: Hideout 2013 festival style pt.2

Monday, 8 July 2013

Hideout 2013 festival style pt.2

For the part 2 of the Hideout festival style report I decided to show you the details I captured during the festival because details were the most interesting part of the festival.
Caps, fabulous jewellery & cool hairdos were essential during the festival, and again I must say how much they looked nonchalant & relaxed. My thought on jewellery was that it usually adds a formal element to an outfit, but here I was proven wrong. Each outfit really looked finished & composed just with that perfect backpack or a gold chain. But, I'm still confident that it's more about the person who wears it than about the single piece of clothing. Apparently, British people have enough charisma to pull of crazy outfits. 
So kids, don't try at home. :)
Just kidding of course, I think anyone can rock anything if he has enough confidence and self-esteem. That's why I don't believe in 'that fits me' or 'that doesn't fit me at all' - charisma is prior to body type while choosing clothes.

But let's go back to festival fashion from Hideout! A trend I mentioned yesterday is 'prints on men' - and oh, how it was trendy at Zrće! After photographing total beach style looks, I noticed how many men wore printed t-shirts, vests & button-ups so I decided to capture only some of them (only because it wasn't physically possible to capture all of them!). So I decided to show you my selection of printed tops worn by the male Hideouters! PS. My favourite is the tumblr cat printed vest! :)