style brick road: Hideout 2013 festival style pt. 1

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hideout 2013 festival style pt. 1

And I'm back from Hideout 2013!

Music was amazing, parties were megafun, and it really fulfilled all my expectations!
BUT, as a fashion blogger I couldn't escape the fashion part of the festival - the fabulous street style (or should I say beach style). Hideout visitors really were the most stylish festival goers I've seen in Croatia. Most of them were british, and they combined the typical british street style with the crazy beach party really well. Some of the trends for women were naturally short shorts (both denim & printed), jelly sandals, fanny packs & fringe. Men were amazingly stylish - crazy printed shirts were the biggest trend of the festival, and another that came close to being the first were Nike sneakers combined with high sporty socks. I wasn't a fan of the second one on the first day of the festival, but by the end I was sorry I didn't have a pair of sporty socks. The male Hideouters really looked like beach versions of  Fashion week goers - perfect hairstyles, precisely chosen accessories & amazingly matched colours. Fortunately, it all had an ease to itself - a chilled out element that was perfectly adjusted for the beach.
If I need to single out a fashion element of the female audience it must be the fact that the girls don't limit themselves on being too sexy & only attractive for men. I'd never say miniature shorts could look so chic & relaxed instead of cheap looking & slutty. It's the power of the cool girls to combine a lot of elements in one easy & chilled outfit that's both attractive to girls and boys. Something like I talked about HERE.
Finally, I must say that the festival fashion of Hideout 2013 really surprised me - I expected for people to look stylish, but the fact that they put so much effort into looking so effortlessly is amazing. Now, when I'm back home I feel inspired & fashionably excited, and for me - that's the point of fashion.
So, THANK YOU Hideouters for your fabulous fashion!

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