style brick road: FASHION ICON. Alaia Rose Barbier

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

FASHION ICON. Alaia Rose Barbier

Although miss Aila Wang is the centre of attention right now, my love goes to another stylish little miss sunshine called Alaia Rose Barbier. She's the daughter of Monica Rose, a very stylish stylist who dresses the whole Kardashian bunch. The miniature fashion icon owns every trendy piece of clothing, and most of her stuff are branded, but what I like the most about her style (so funny to talk about a style of a 3-year-old girl) is that she really looks her age. Of, course with a style & pieces that a lot of adults dream of.

Her mother Monica once said that they always think of comfort & wearability of the pieces, and that's what I love. Not for pointing fingers or something like that, but A. Wang's niece often looks funny in stuff like cropped tops or oversized fur. On the other hand, miss Alaia Rose always looks age-appropriate, and very stylish, but if you wanted to zoom her in - it's just well put together children's clothing with fabulous accessories. Of course, expensive Chanel or Givenchy bags really don't look realistic on a baby like her, but it's still not crossing the fine line between appropriate and vulgar.

If we can stop for a moment, and talk about her outfits - my absolute favourites are the simple one with a double denim look combined with a pair of cute loafers, and a ballerina bun, and of course the little Solange look-a-like boho outfit - the burgundy shift dress, a pair of white lennon sunglasses, a hat, the little leather messenger bag, and the most fabulous metallic sandals EVER.

Whether you like this type of baby fashion, or you're more of a pinky floral kind, you must admit she looks age-appropriate and absolutely cute!