style brick road: couture boys a/w 2013

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

couture boys a/w 2013

I'm sorry, but I'm currently obsessed with streetstyle (this time a bit different one! :P).
While everyone's talking about the ladies' outfits from the Paris couture shows, I wanted to share my favourite men's outfits from the fashion shows.
I must say that by watching the photos I've noticed a different kind of fashion atmosphere than the one during the menswear fashion weeks. For the couture shows men were a bit more conservative, and quite a lot more formal. It's like it was a black tie event - the outfits were less crazy, and looked a lot more like modern-looking basic formal menswear. Luxurious accessories were a must-have, fabulous hi-quality outerwear was definitely a great add to the basic chic outfits. Designer Raf Simons looked amazing in a houndstooth jacket with burgundy details he combined with a basic black look. My favourite piece worn by the 'couture boys' is the Burberry metallic sky blue coat I'd own&wear in a heartbeat!
photos. kuba dabrowski for