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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

ART. Adrian Johnson graphics

Encouraged by a beautiful set of boldly coloured prints celebrating the graphic elements of classic cameras, I decided to google, investigate, and explore the artist, and his other work. 
His name is Adrian Johnson, and he's a Liverpool-born graphic artist whose work astonishes my many ways, but one way in particular. It's his way of connecting art, and commercial work - the level of artfulness in his commerce work, and the level of witty, and attractive commercial appeal in his art is masterful.
He talks in his interview for Stüssy (watch below) how he had problems of being more obsessed with what other people had to say than listening what he had to say, and that's one of the reasons I totally connected - it's the same thing I had with my blog.
When he talks about his inspiration, he's pretty blunt - it's everything he loved as a kid, and a teenager. From mythology, to music, to iconography of the 50's and 60's is what he sees as his turning wheel. 
Only some of his biggest clients were Paul Smith, adidas Originals, and Stüssy, but he also did a lot of illustrations for The New York Times, IBM, Monocle magazine, and the Taiwan Tourism Board, for who he created the whole touristic image.
His humour, and his sense of colour is what drives me crazy (in an absolutely good way), and I cannot wait to get some of his work for myself. I never was 'a flat full of art' kind of a person, but owning 'an Adrian Johnson' would be very cool. :)

PS. His current exhibition of camera (Leica, Polaroid etc.) prints called 'Basilicas' will run from July 25th to July 27th at the Shoreditch's Kemistry Gallery so if you're visiting London be sure you visit it! ˆ.ˆ
'Basilicas' exhibition