style brick road: July 2013

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

IN LOVE. KYE menswear s/s 2014

Whenever I hear 'streetwear' I imagine men with golden grills in their teeth, black snapbacks, and ghetto chains. It's baggy jeans falling under the wearer's behind, and white wife-beaters tight as a corset all over the place.
But hey, according to a British brand called KYE, it's more than that. WAY more than that. Kathleen (the designer) decided to give straight streetwear silhouettes a nice modern spin that I'd personally call futuristic ghetto. Wide legged 3/4 shorts aka baseball bermudas are produced in stiff metallics and hard leather while oversized tops & button-ups are interpreted in soft silks. It's a street paradox that works oh so well. 
Elements that keep the whole collection fashionable are those like plaster detailing, or the fringe tassels hanging of the caps. You know how they say - it's details that count.
Still, I can't stop thinking how this is the first menswear collection forwardly thinking in combining sportswear in an understated yet fashionable way. It's not some pretentious kind of minimalism, or the glamourous type of sportswear. It's basically fashion with an edge.
I would never say it's my style at the first sight of it, but somehow, while looking at the photos for some time now - I'd like to own more, and more pieces. I'd combine the oversized metallics with basic white tees, or skinny blue jeans, and I'd wear the printed pieces with some colourful shorts. 
Finally, I think the whole point of this collection is that you don't have to be street to wear street. 
Halla for fashion & personal style! :)
find it @



Tuesday, 30 July 2013

MENSWEAR. Top 20 s/s 2014 shoes

 From moccasins, through sneakers & oxfords, to sandals & boots. Everything was present at the s/s 2014 fashion shows. I already showed you my TOP 30 looks from the shows (find them HERE), and now it's time to show you 20 pairs of shoes I'd own & wear in a heartbeat.
Some of them are basic & classic, others are a bit avant-garde & cray-cray, but they all have something in common - I LOVE THEM.
It's funny how fashion houses of absolutely different aesthetics share the same trends - black, studded, yellow, metallics, neutrals or artwork. Expecting for me to choose favourites among these beauties is like asking a father to choose a favourite child of his (not quite, but a man must be overdramatic sometimes). BUT, as any father, I've got some 'number 1s'. If I came to a showroom where all of these were exposed, and I'd had to choose some it would be:
1. Kenzo sneaks for day
2. Saint Laurent boots for rain
3. Lanvin studded brogues for work
4. Louis Vuitton oxfords for partying

Now, we've got that straight - anyone offers to send me a pair? :P


Monday, 29 July 2013

EDITORIAL. Some sort of sport

Sportswear is one of my ultimate fashion inspirations. Funny thing is, when I was little, I hated sportswear - I trained many MANY sports (from handball through hockey, and dance to tennis, and many more), but I hated wearing tracksuits while heading to my trainings. Like a little sir, I wore jeans, my bestest sneakers, during the winter I wore coats, and I sometimes even wore shirts. Naturally, when I came to the venue, I needed to change my clothes - but I took it as a costume. Because it really is - each sport has its own costume. Whether they call it 'a football jersey' or a 'tennis sneaker'. It's part of a uniform, and it's one of the things that differentiate one sport from another.
In the exact same way each personal style extricates itself from another one. Now, like any other uniform - sportswear is part of my daily inspiration. It gives me an opportunity to reinvent myself, and to me that's the point of the whole game called fashion. Especially when there's a story behind it (and God knows I love a good story behind an outfit), I see sportswear as my perfect go-to. Of course, you still won't see me wearing a complete tracksuit if it's not a costumed party (buy hey, never say never!). However, combining some suede oxfords with a skinny jean and a hoodie or a vintage sweatshirt is what I love 'to do'. Eclecticism is the way to go, RIGHT?

Well, behind this whole semi-long story stands a set of beautiful pictures taken for the online edition of i-D mag, done by a great duo - photographer Ellis Scoot, and stylist Nickque Patterson. Their interpretation of sport and its uniforms holds a point that has a bit more depth than my own, but hey - everyone has its own vision. Now let's hear theirs:
''Some Sort of Sport was inspired by the moments of quiet concentration. The tests before execution. The rough cut. The story extends through to the mood where the models are rather practically possessed, in a trance of exercise, brainwashed to maintain a physical peak.''

Now all of us should stop talking (and by all of us, I mean myself), and just enjoy the photos...

I-D MAG online
Photo. Ellis Scott
Styling. Nickque Patterson 
Hair. Mia Parker
Make-up. Molly Portsmouth
Models. Marly Warnier & Arron Tack



Saturday, 27 July 2013

your history of silence.

Okay, I love summer in the city - but the beach countdown has officially started. Few more days, and I'm off to soak up the sun (as if I'm not soaking up the sun on my terrace right now), bathe in the salty water & enjoy my friends' company.

Honestly, most of my friends left the city, and left me working my ass off. Not that I don't like to work - it's every bit of amazing, and I couldn't be myself without my work, BUT (and it's a bit but) there's a point where a person starts to boil surrounded by all the 'feet-on-the-beach-in-July' photos, or the 'huge-cocktail-in-my-hand-while-surrounded-with-drunk-people-in-swimsuits' ones. I'm usually not much of an envious person, but everyone has their own 'hate-everybody' moments. Or?

Well, let's leave that question opened & unanswered, and move on to my today's outfit. It's a bit too layered for the summer with all the accessories, and everything - but leave me with my layering, since I'm stuck in the city. That's definitely one of the benefits of having a citified (a word?!) summer.  
Oh, I know I'm full of it - just leave me with my own pathetic excuses.

AS IT IS, I had fun matching this outfit (which is rare during these impossible humid summertime days), and I enjoyed wearing it. What's more to ask? :P

PS. I finally decided to use Lightroom for editing the photos, so I'm really happy with these!! :)
Volklore multi printed shirt // Blame Lu handmade deer brooch // Giant Vintage round vintage looking sunglasses (find them HERE) // Spark leather bracelet with yellow details (find similar HERE) // Massimo Dutti blue suede loafers // H&M baggy trousers // H&M worn out oversized tank top // Plaid cap bought at a random hat shop in Belgrade



Friday, 26 July 2013

WISHLISTED. Starstyling oversized tee

I've discovered I have an irrational obsession with oversized clothing. 
Generally, I've never been a guy with love for tight clothing, but I've always tried to respect the 'loose on top, tight on bottom or backwards' rule. Right now, I'm spontaneously leaning towards total-oversized looks. Of course I won't throw away my favourite skinny jeans, but it's a fashion phase I'm going through. And as any other real hedonist, I'm going to nurture my wishes & phases as much as I can.
I already own quite a few oversized pieces like trousers by a Croatian designer Matija Čop, a pair of jeans from Primark, some fun tops, and sweatshirts I got from the basic high street stores, BUT searching through the wastelands of Internet shopping I found a piece I want. It's the Starstyling oversized tee - boxy design, futuristic materials, and fun fun fun. I'm still not sure which one I'm going to get, but it's between the mirrored foilover in grey, and the white tee with neon foils. 

You can find them all @ & some are available at the ROBA store in Zagreb (more info HERE).



Thursday, 25 July 2013

IN LOVE. Balmain menswear s/s 2014

 Industrial fashion has never been so luxe, nor so attractive!
Balmain's menswear S/S 2014 lookbook shows a great range of menswear looks whose inspiration by the factory fashion comes true in both its silhouettes & the colour spectrum. Olivier Rousteing always presents slim silhouettes with accentuated shoulders in style of 80's, but this time the feel of the collections come from a bit earlier days - it's the luxe version of 40's workmen's uniforms, and sailors. Yet, it all looks very modern & young. How?
Well, I'd say it's the black-white-navy colour scheme that brings the clothes to life. Plus, it's the mix of luxurious materials, classic silhouettes, and young interpretations in the styling that makes 20-something guys want to wear it.
If I was ever asked to wear this collection (because obviously it's the kind of luxury I'll probably never own) I'd love to have each of the two denim overalls, or the last loose jeans. The material is what makes me weep - I imagine the softness & the tenderness of the leather or the delicacy of the denim. Oh, how I want to feel it on my skin. Wishlisted as hell. :)