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Sunday, 30 June 2013

better to feel pain, than nothing at all.

Long time, no outfit post.

I've decided to concentrate more on the writing part of the blog, because I really love writing, and I see my future as a journalist or as a professional writer. Unfortunately, recently I didn't have the time to stop for an hour or two, and lose myself in my own words. In my past years, I've started to write many MANY books, but never ever wrote a second chapter of one. Now, when I look back at those stories, I think of them as a bunch of 'little child wants to be big' moments of my own life. Funny, but a must-have.

Now and then, I still wish to have finished one or two of them, but then I remember all of the good stuff that came out of this blog, and out of the time I spend creating & modifying it into a piece of myself I'm absolutely proud of. 

I don't want for this to seem as an excessive brain vomit, but as one of my own personal confessions to you - my readers, my friends, and maybe even my family.

giant vintage mirrored lensed sunglasses (buy them HERE) // primark sandy coloured banana fit chinos // h&m white basic cotton shirt // asos printed red&white sneakers // asos canvas & leather detail backpack // asos straw hat with paisley bandana details // vintage watch (bought @ Croots)

ps. I really don't get how I've come to these philosophy of life based on a simple outfit like this!

PPS. Thankies go to Topstil & Irena for my latest magenta hair!