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Monday, 6 May 2013

IN LOVE. discorole

Tko bi rekao da ću dočekati dostupnu verziju disko rola o kojima sanjarim dugo dugo. Odlični retro modeli koji su me osvojili na prvu britanski su proizvod, a zovu se vrlo logično - Discorole ( 4 kotača po nozi, hrpetinu različitih modela i zabava - sve to odlikuje ove odlične role koje želim odmah imati u ormaru kako bi na ljeto mogao ludirati s njima u kombinaciji s printanim hlačicama i majicama, a na nosu nositi naočale. To će biti prave lude sedamdesete! Mene podsjećaju na moje djetinjstvo kad sam se na početku ulice u plastičnim rolama s 4 kotača koje su se nataknule na tenisice i koje su mi bila najdraža stvar na svijetu.

Who would have guessed I'd find an available version of disco roller skates I've been dreaming of for a long LONG time. These fabulous retro pieces that got my attention are a British product, and are called very simply - Discorole ( 4 wheels per foot, bunch of different prints & colours, and FUN - it's everything these roller skates are bringing with themselves. I just see myself in some crazy outfit (printed shorts, printed tshirt, and crazy sunglasses) gliding through the streets in a total 'That 70's show' disco look. They bring me back to my childhood, early 90's - I was 'rolling' in a pair of slip-on wheels (you attach them to your sneakers) I loved oh, so much. 

Ljubav na kvadrat ! < 3 // Love times 10 ! < 3

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