style brick road: he's your penguin.

Monday, 22 April 2013

he's your penguin.

Prošle sam godine za maškare htio biti Rockabilly frajer, ali nikako nisam mogao naći onu pravu retro polo majicu kakvu su nosili 50-ih. Prije nekoliko tjedana radio sam seminar na temu prava životinja i nabasao sam na internet shop zvan Original Penguin (hahaha smijeh na najjače!). I pogodite što ?! Našao sam tamnoplavu retro rockabilly polo majicu! Jedva ju čekam nositi za neke retro izlaske (npr. Vintage Industrial bar), a sad znam što ću biti za iduće maškare! :D

I've been searching for a retro rockabilly polo shirt since I wanted to be a rockabilly for Halloween, and I couldn't find it anywhere. Few weeks ago I was searching through the internet about animal rights, and I found an internet shop called Original Penguin (HAHAHA, I know !!). And guess what ?! I ordered a retro navy polo shirt !! I can't wait to wear it for a retro night out, and now I know what I'm gonna be the next halloween ! :D

Original Penguin (LINK) polo shirt // h&m sweater // borovo sneakers // asos trousers




  1. Taj brand imaš za kupiti i na Asosu, zna se naći fora stvari. :)

  2. Konačno da se i meni jednom sve, ali baš sve svidi :)

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