style brick road: the moments of progress.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

the moments of progress.

Volim u vlastitom ormaru (ok, u sestrinom- pošto u moj više ništa ne stane) pronaći kaput koji sam eto našao prošlo proljeće, odnio ga na kemijsko čišćenje i onda ga stavio duboko u ormar. Sestrica je imala hir za čišćenjem ormara (rijetkost) i donijela mi kaput za kojeg mi je trebalo da se sjetim otkud/otkad je.

I otvorim ga, probam, a na kraju skužim da je to kaput britanske modne kuće Auqascutum. Kad sam ga prošli put imao u rukama nisam imao pojma što je Aquascutum- pravi dokaz da u manje od godinu dana rada za modni časopis naučiš puno toga.

To me baš nekako učinilo sretnim. Ne samo činjenica da imam neki dobar vintage kaput već poimanje vlastitog napretka u razumijevanju mode u posljednjih godinu dana. Okolina je drugačija, postajem svjesniji svega što prije nisam bio svjestan.

Kao da sam zaista narastao u kompletnu osobu, osobu koja poznaje sebe i shvaća druge.


I love when I find a coat in my own closet (ok, my sister's closet- since mine is stuffed already) that I got last spring, took it to the dry cleaners and then 'hid' it in my closet so it wait for the winter. In the meantime, I absolutely forgot about it, and my sis had a fad to clean her closet (happens rarely), found and brought me a fabulous navy maxi coat (I needed a moment to remember where/when I got it).

I opened it, tried it on, and finally figured out that this is the coat by the famous British fashion house called  Auqascutum. Last time I had it in my hands I had no idea what/who Aquascutum is, and that's legit proof that you can learn a lot in less than a year working for a fashion magazine.

It kinda made ​​me very happy. Not just the fact that I own a fabulous vintage coat, but the fact that I have progressed in the matter of understanding fashion in the past year. The environment is different, and so I am becoming more aware of what I had not been aware of before.

Like I really grew up into a complete person, a person who knows himself and understands others.

I guess.
 giant vintage sunglasses (LINK) / h&m jeans & scarf / terranova sweater / vintage aquascutum coat / asos boots & beanie / toywatch watch




  1. Kaput je veličanstven,i cijeli outfit. Samo te naočale, ne volim ih nikako vidjeti. :D

  2. kaput je prelijep kao i cijela kombinacija. jako mi se sviđa šal:)

  3. divan si*

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