style brick road: oh, who cares about the other things? c is for cookie, that's good enough for me.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

oh, who cares about the other things? c is for cookie, that's good enough for me.

Ciao everybody! :D

I hope you're okay, because I'm having a little nervous breakdown because of the studying (-.-). I'm just please that it's just one exam and then it's OVAH! My day was busy- went to my training, had a family lunch, grabbed a 'business' coffee, studied, and baked a lot of chocolate chip cookies. NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL A DAY! :D

here's my WARM and comfy outfit for the evening coffee...

what I wore:
coat. shs
cardigan. h&m
shirt. jake*s
jeans. h&m
boots. h&m
scarf. zara
bag. asos
hat. h&m
eyeglasses. ray-ban

and here are the chocolate chip cookies I baked today! ON MY OWN! :D The before & the after pic. 

Click HERE for the recipe. I must say they are very VERY sweet (for someone maybe too sweet- but NOT FOR ME!), and the honey is a really nice touch. You should totally try to make them (very easy ;).

hope you like it! ˆ*


p.s. doing a top 5 on sale items from tomorrow! :D Check it out tomorrow! :) And check the sale out HERE!

more xs! :D

EDIT: I've just made a bloglovin account so you can follow me there!!


  1. Savršena košulja i šešir. :) Zar sam opet prva? :)))

  2. goodluck for the last exam you'll do well! great look Dino, comfy but so stylish and there was snow everywhere, me waaaant!
    you bake? really cool!! :D

  3. aaa hoću kolačić! jao kod nas je tako nevrijeme da su proglasili elementarnu nepogodu i niko ne ide u školu, ispiti su odgođeni pa je baš veslo.. snowboarding on the streets :D odlična kombinacija i što je sad najbitnije topla (bar izgleda topla) i imamo sličan šal :D

  4. super mi je kad ovako malo boje proviri ispod kaputa... košulja je super! izgledaš odlično u zimaskom izdanju! bonus bodovi za to što nemaš crveni nos! kako li ti to samo uspijeva??? ;)
    p.s. sretno s ispitom!

  5. jos malo dino, jos malo do slobode...barem one bez griznje savjesti :D
    faking ispiti. meni je vec dosta tog stresa, predugo traje :D
    al super izgledas, obozavam vidjeti ove plaid (ne znam prikladnu hrv rijec, sramota) kosulje na deckima, super vam stoje!

  6. dino ti si meni predivan!

  7. šešir i šal...OMG...tako jednostavno i tako divno!


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