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Monday, 6 February 2012

give me all your love and give me your love, let's forget about time, and dance our lives away!!!

buongiorno everybody!

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to fashion imperative (I know I'm a 'bit' late :P), but I wanted to wish you at least 10 more years! ;) I got the pics of my outfit yesterday (thankies to psycho couture ana :DD) so here it is...

what I wore:
shirt. shs
plush vest. h&m
bow-tie. h&m
jeans. h&m
belt. h&m
pink socks. h&m
shoes. h&m
eyeglasses. ray-ban
watch. louis pion

I felt a bit vintage that day. ;)

and here's my top 5 on sale from!


I love the mixing stripes and the combination of the colours. I'd mix it with a pair of simple bright jeans, and some brown brogues.

I mostly wear shorts during the summer so I'd literally KILL for these. It's kinda retro chic with a splash of colour (and you know I absolutely ADORE colour). 

3. ARDT Rice Rice Krispies Round Neck Tee
This tee is for those days you're feeling like c*ap because this is a statement t-shirt that requires only a pair of black jeans and some cool sneakers.
I love that this is a denim shirt but not the typical blue one. I adore denim shirts and this one would be the great addition to my personal collection. 

I'm dying to get a pair of mustard/yellow chinos/jeans for some time now but I can't find the right shape and colour. These are THE PERFECT for me- straight and bright. This is definitely my TOP PICK. :D

As I said before you can find these items (and many more) on sale on The prices are reasonable, and the clothing is DIVINE.  I'm doing a top 5 for ladies tomorrow so stay tuned. ;)

hope you like it! ˆ*


EDIT: Since I'm collaborating with all my readers get an extra 10% on all items. Just use the code 'TAKE10'. :D


  1. ova košulja na tebi je odličnaaaaa !!

    want it.

  2. super izgledate! ;)

  3. ti i Ljupka ste super ispali...svaka cast na blogu...jako kreativno ;)


  4. huuu :) kosulja je skroz luda
    bice fora videti je i u nekoj prolecnoj varijanti :)

  5. Hvala na čestitkama! :)
    Košulja ti je odlična, isfurao si ju fenomenalno!


  6. BANG

    Čemu duckface na fotkama?? :/

  7. 1st of all i want to say that both ur blog&style are great and i've been following u for a while now, but please for god's sake, could you in ur next photoshoot pose without crossed feet, duckface or hands on hips! u don't see any male models posing like that! at least try to do a real man pose and see how it turns out, i think u'll look much better

    1. I'm not a male model, I'm just a regular guy making fun of myself. But thanks. ˆˆ

  8. love it!

  9. Jao kako ti je dobra ova košulja <3 šarena.
    Kad ti dosadi pošalji meni ;)


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