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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass. yeah, that's that super bass.

helo honeys! :)

I'm just here to put up the latest interview with the always fab fashion designer- Zoran Aragović who's behind the brand called BiteMyStyle. (LINK) Thanks to Ljupka ( I went there and had my first face-to-face interview. It was very exciting and I was very nervous but it went well. :)

We had a lot of fun, laughed our asses off, and the interview talks for itself! 

here it is...

1. Describe your aesthetics in 3 expressions.
Colourful, tasteful kitsch & patchwork.

2. How do you imagine the BiteMyStyle girl? 
I usually don’t think about the BiteMyStyle woman while designing because my clients are different types of women. But, based on all of my customers- I think the BiteMyStyle girl is a strong woman that’s not afraid of different and attention-grabbing clothes.

3. Which celebrity would you like to see in BiteMyStyle design?
Regarding the croatian celebrities, I would like to see Nina Badrić in my clothes because I think she refined her style and she embodies the urban chic girl. As for the international celebrities, I’d like to collaborate with musicians that are also known for their different style like Nicki Minaj, Björk, Róisín Murphy, and Grace Jones.

4. How did your career as a fashion designer start?
After high school, I enrolled into law school, but I always loved fashion. After some time of searching for myself and searching my passion, I decided to enroll into Profokus, a private fashion college. I spent 2 years there, and during the education I bought myself a sewing machine. I started making the clothes for my closest friends (it always starts like that :D), and in baby steps BiteMyStyle grew as a brand.

5. When was your first fashion show?
It was my graduation fashion show, in 2003. That was my first introduction to production of a fashion show, and I was very excited.

6. What do you think is your greatest success in your career up untill now?
I think the greatest success of a designer can be a refined fanbase and audience that loves their design and buys the clothes. I think I have that, and I find that my greatest success. Also, the fact that I can live solely from the thing I love is also a great success.
7. Tell us your plans for the future.
I would like to spread the BiteMyStyle brand to Europe because now that Croatia finally decided to join the EU, I think it will be a lot easier for croatian fashion designers to spread their market. It would also be nice to have my own store in Croatia so I hope to achieve all that one day.

8. In 2008 you showed your collection at the London Alternative Fashion Week. How was the experience and what were the reactions here like?
My friend from London is a hairdresser, and she’s a part of the fashion society there so she told me about that fashion week and so I sent the portfolio with my work. After a month, they told me that I’ve been chosen with another 60 people to show at the fashion week. The London Alternative Fashion Week is ideal for young and yet-to-be-established designers because it covers all expenses of the realisation of the fashion show, and you have a little stand during the fashion week where you can show and sell your design. The croatian press and public showed more interest in me after that fashion show, because it’s already a fact that people think better of you when you show in a foreign country.

9. What inspires you?
A lot of things inspire me, from the smallest details to something absolutely banal. The pop culture and MTV is a part of the everyday life, and it’s it a subtil yet apparent influence on my design.

10. Which music do you listen to while designing?
I love to listen to radio and pop music because it’s filled with colour and that’s what BiteMyStyle is all about.

11. Explain us the process of creating a BiteMyStyle collection.
It’s almost always being made at the last minute because we always postpone the production. I always say ‘There’s time ahead of us…’ But honestly, I find that I work the best under pressure. As for the production of the fashion show, I think that people often find my show ‘over-creative’ and ‘too much’, but I think that the fashion show is primarily a SHOW, and you should express your creativity, but I don’t find the fashion show a place where you display how the clothes should be worn. The point is that every element of my fashion show exaggereted in a very creative and crazy way.

12. What do you think about the croatian fashion scene?
I love that there’s a lot of fashion designers and that the fashion scene is rich with creatvity, but it would be way better if the government supported the talented ones. The bright side of the croatian fashion scene, are a lot of consistent designers that cherish their aesthetics, and the bad side is that there’s many designers that play it safe, and that a lot of them don’t take risks. I adore the fashion events where the designers can show their work, and I hope that the fashion industry in Croatia will come to life.

13. What do you think about the croatian fashion blogging scene? :D
I don’t follow many croatian blogs but I can say that Ljupka’s blog ( is my absolute favourite. We share the similar style, and love for details. There are also few other blogs I read once in a while, but Ljupka’s my fav. I wish there are more male bloggers, and I’m hoping to see a male version of Ljupa one day. :D

14. Worst fashion experience...
Every creative person is very sensitive to criticism about their work. I really don’t like subjective criticism from eloquent people because they don’t know the whole story behind everything. It’s very common in every segment of life, but is highly manifested in fashion.

15. A lot of people compare you to Juraj Zigman, another fashion designer with similar aesthetic. What do you have to say about that?
I find it very irritating when people say that I copy his work because they must know that we all have our own creativity, and it manifests in different ways. I see that Juraj and I have similar aesthetics, but people shouldn’t conclude that I’m copying him because of that. My work doesn’T have the same media coverage as his, but that shouldn’t be the reason why people should accuse me of copying his work.

16. What would you like to say to your future and current fans?
Thank you for supporting me and my brand, and thank you Dino for giving me a chance of presenting myself to a wider public. You can check out all my work on my facebook page. :D Also, love colours & experiment with clothes! :DD

well, that was it! :D

I'd like to thank Zoran for the fab interview and wish him all the luck (although he doesn't need it :P)!
FYI- all photos were taken by myself except the first one (I took it from his fbook page ˆˆ).
SO, in the end, to see all Zoran's work click HERE, and if you want to contact him imediatly you can do it by sending him an email ( or

hope you like it! ˆ*


and, in the end, one motivational video about fashionable people with years behind them...

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  1. Super intervju odlične fotke i naravno dizajnovi <3

  2. Imam nekoliko Zoranovih stvari i ono šta mogu reći je da su zaista kvalitetno sašivene i nenadmašno kreativne. Nije naodmet spomenuti i da su cjenovno pristupačne! Definitivno ću uzimati još njegovih komada! Bravo za intervju!! :)

  3. Super ti je intervju, Dino. U biti svaki ti je super. Ima dobrih komada, iako nije baš moj film, ali onda zadnja roza haljina (?) je baš jako fora! :)Ilina

  4. ma zoki je kralj. sretna ona koja stane u rozu! ja biiiiii

  5. Čestitam na intervjuu! Fotke su odlične, Ljupka preslatka! :)



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