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Monday, 23 January 2012

you've got so many dreams that you don't know where to put 'em. so you'd better turn a few of 'em loose!

ahoy boys&girls! :D

everything okay?! :D

thought so! :P

I'm just busy busy busy with my studying & taking exams & studying & studying...

and did I say studying?! :D

but I always find some time to watch an episode or two of gossip girl (right now I'm on the beginning of the 5th season :D), but I rarely go out in anything representable. :D

I got some stuff youreyeslie people sent me (thankies paul! :D) and I'll put some photos of my outfits with their stuff asap. :D

but for now, here's my outfit from 2 days ago when I went to grab a coffee with my high-school friends. :D

what I wore:
coat- mcneal
blazer- zara
shirt- h&m
jeans- h&m
hat- zara
gloves- h&m
bag- zara
watch- certina
boots- h&m

I'm sporting my new thang- rockabilly haristyle (inspired by the movie 'nowhere boy' I watched for the 10000 time :D).

+ I must admit: I'm a shopaholic.

I bought A LOT OF STUFF on sale.

like A LOT. :D

but u'll see. ;)

the funniest thing on sale I bought is a coat (I gifted to my dad in the end) whose price was firstly 900 HRK (about 130 €) but I payed only 70 HRK (less than 10€). HAHAHHA


can't wait to show you everything! ˆˆ

hope you like it! :D


p.s. please please please check out the shop by clicking the banner on the right! :DDD


  1. jel to bilo u sub?
    vidila sam te u gradu, jako lijepo :)

  2. super ti je look ovaj, mene podsjeća na likove iz Briljantina...
    pogotovo 6. fotka. super izgledaš! i rukavice su mi zakon!

  3. sesiromanija medu blogerima :D super komba :)

  4. flanel kosulje apsolutni hit!
    <3 cipele i sesir

  5. 5. slika mi je nekako british, čim sam je vidjela pomislila sam na one cool british dečke ^^
    i da, divan si, sviđa mi se jako tvoj stil!
    i ukus u glazbi! :))

  6. nova frizura , like ;)

  7. super outfit, šeširić <3 šal <3 sve <3

  8. Wow ovo mi je predobar kombo. Karirano i sesir. Stvarno odlicno!

  9. jao D, zadnja fotka <3333! divan si sav, ta košulja je prepre! :*

  10. osmijeeeh <3 divan ti je šešir i rukavice i košulja i sveee :)

  11. Zurka - prezakon. obožavam retro briljantinke :) savršena! ova fotka ide kao dokazni materijal i upute gostima na svadbi - svi tako! kad bi se samo dali nagovoriti :)


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