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Saturday, 7 January 2012

you're just a-rockin' and a-rollin', I sure do wish you were mine.

hello boys&girls! :D

I'm still imprisoned in my home with the books and my macbook.

firstly, I don't have much time and a lot of books to read for my college.

secondly, if I have time all my friends are busy (a lonely boy -.-).

thirdly, I just started watching gossip girl (after years and years of resistance!) so I spend the free time watching it.

I think that gossip girl is a must-see for every fashionista- it's like a fashion manual! :P

but forget that...

today's a saturday and that means...


first interview saturday of 2012!!! :D

I was hoping that I'd interview these two ladies for a long time, but I finally contacted them and they were so nice to say yes! :DD

they are...

I saw these two beautiful ladies and their equally beautiful work on the last Modni Ormar (Fashion Wardrobe), a fashion show for young and aspiring designers. :D

I like to call them croatian haute couture duo! :D

their work is all hand-made and looks so great...

+ they are so nice! :D

but I'll let you create your own opinion...

1. How and when did you fashion design story begin?

Jelena: Our story began at the beginning of 2011 when we decided to apply as a duo for a contest for a place at the 6th Modni Ormar (Fashion Wardrobe), a fashion event that our college organizes (The College of Textile-Technologies in Zagreb).
Ines: We passed the first round, and then we had to make the whole collection, and show it to an international set of judges.

2. When did you realize that you’re interested in fashion design?
I: During the last year of the elementary school, I had to decide which high school to go to and drawing (especially fashion illustration) was my favourite hobby  so I decided to go to the Second Gimnazija in Varaždin, with a specialisation in fashion design. After that, The College of Textile-Technologies was an obvious choice.
J: I was always in love with the history of clothing and the history of art, but in the end my desire of making and designing new clothes prevailed against the others so I decided to study fashion design.

3. Where did the idea of designing together come from?
J: I think we complement each other in designing so I believe we can be stronger together on the fashion scene.
I: After some time at the college we became friends and through our illustrations we realized that we have very similar aesthetics. The professors supported us because they agreed that our styles were alike. I believe that we’re stronger together.

4. What/who inspires you?
I: Up untill now the inspiration was related to a theme that we get at college or was the one that we got for a contest.
J: On the contest for the Modni Ormar we were told that the main theme was experimental fashion, but the main inspiration was our freedom and that’s quite unpredictable. It was our imagination mixed with pushing the limits in design but through wearable fashion that’s possible to make.

5. Which music do you listen to whilst designing?
I: It’s usually a radio station which tells us the time through those boring news, because otherwise we’d lose the track of time.
J: And when we get bored by the same songs on the radio we switch to some tv channel.

6. Which person would you like to dress one day?
J:  We like to see women that share the same passion for fashion and fabulous clothes.

7. How would you describe the woman you design for?
J: In this short time we didn’t establish the type of a woman that wears our clothes but we’d like to make women feminine, sensual, different, and expressive.
I: Every piece of our design is special and unique because it took hours and hours to make them, and there’s nothing more beautiful than the feeling when you see a beautiful piece made by your own hands. It doesn’t matter if that woman will be an actress, a politician or a student.

8. Do you sell your creations?
I: We do sell our pieces but as we just began our careers we don’t have a showroom where you can see the creations in flesh.
J: But, you can contact us through our facebook page (LINK), through our personal facebook accounts (LINK & LINK) or contact us on our mails (,

9. What is your opinion on androgyny in fashion?
I: Fashion is an infinite play of possible and impossible, acceptable and unaccetable and in the end beautiful and less beautiful. I don’t understand the fascination with this popular trend.
J:  While time passes, the fashion trends change. Designers are interseted them and use them as inspirations but in the end we tend to create timeless fashion because you never know how the models will look in five years. We just hope they’ll model our clothes.

10. Which croatian and foreign designers you find fabulous and which ones are overestimated?
J: We don’t like to talk about the designers in this way because a designer is successful as long as there’s a public that buys his clothes, and isn’t overestimated if people are ready to pay the price for his pieces. Only a designer knows how much time and effort is invested in making that piece.
I: Our professors taught us that we shouldn’t critic our colleagues but that we need to look at the good sides of each one’s design and learn out of that, because it’s good to learn by watching other people work.

11. How do you see your future?
I: We’re sure that we want to stay in this business and create our own little market, by gathering a group of people that is interested in our design. Once you experience the adrenaline rush and the positive energy of a fashion show backstage, you get an unbelievable wish and will for progress.
J: We want to take every chance the fashion industry gives us and show the people what can this dinamic duo can do. Only the sky is the limit. J

more photos of Jelena&Ines's work...

Ines & her friend in Jelena&Ines's design...

backstage photos from Modni Ormar...

Ines' and Jelena's illustrations...

beautiful AND talented, right?! :D

all photos are courtesy of Ines & Jelena! :D

thank you girls for this lovely interview! :D

and you know what they say- the beginning of a year determines the rest of it!

I can just hope that's true! :D

good luck, girls! :***

hope you like it, style-brick-riders! ˆ*



  1. Odličan je intervju, i bez brige, sve ok! :D
    Zaljubila sam se u njihov rad, jedva čekam da vidim što nam iduće spremaju! <3

  2. oh wow, they are such a talented designer, I love the collection. Nice interview ;)

    You're not alone, I have a lots of book to read due to exam. Goodluck for both of us :D

  3. sjajna mi je njihova kombinacija pastelnih boja i spacey oblika!

  4. kad smršavim odmah se javljam za jednu. zaljubljena sam bila u trenutku. to svi znaju :D <3
    slatke su obje zbilja.

  5. Jedna je moja sugrađanka! :) Jedva čekam da vidim njihove ostale kreacije, jer ova tu im je odlična. Nadam se da će i dalje ostati dobre :)

  6. meni su one apsolutno fantastične! svaka čast na ovome intervju.

  7. kakva prekrasna kolekcija! odlican intervju, nadam se da ce nam cure jos puno ovako divnih stvari predstaviti <3

  8. wow!! ovo sve je apsolutno savršeno *.*
    super intervju Dino!


  9. Te haljine su brutala, stvarno. Čim sam ih vidjela zaljubila sam se :D

  10. Menije ovo jedna od najboljih kolekcija na modnom ormaru....iako je među ovim modnim skicama nekoliko njih reciklirano :/

  11. btw. odličan intervju-jako zanimljiva pitanja, ali nisam niti očekivao ništa manje od tebe ;)

  12. Sviđaju mi se pojedini detalji na haljinama, a cure su baš simpatične. Dobar intervju!


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