style brick road: we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind- 'cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine!!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind- 'cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine!!

ciao boys&girls! ˆ*

the title of this post is the first one that's not a lyric from a beatles song! :O

I'm feeling SO 80's right now so I had to put one of my favourite 80's song of all times- safety dance by men without hats!

the song is one of the trademarks of the 80's.

if you don't know it, it's rolling on my hypster player here on style-brick-road. :P

the reason I'm so eighties right now is that I happened to have a lot of 80's sweaters in my closet right now so I decided to put more of that decade in my style.

one of the new 80's-inspired pieces in my closet is my new sweater I got today at the showroom of the new H&M collection for spring/summer 2012.

the amazing people from PRiredba invited some bloggers and other fashion-important people to this event so the atmosphere was great, and the cakes were even greater. :P

I was blown away with the space (my first time there) because it's a minimalistic&chic loft in a building on the main square of Zagreb.

as for the new collection, it is OFCOURSE amazing.

well, it's H&M- how could it be anything else but fab! :P

the collection has few parts- funky-party pieces, classic and basic pieces, rock'n'roll chic pieces, clothes for kids and the new David Beckham underwear collection.

all in all, the clothes look really well made (especially for the low prices) and the colours are A-mazing (you know I'm a colour freak). :D

we could all choose our favourite piece of the collection and take it home with us. :D

I had some doubts but I chose this chunky sandy-coloured sweater. :D

there were also delicious cookies (macarons <3) which you can see on Ljupka's blog.

and here's the rest of the photos...


 SO halle berry in james bond! :D

40's chic! :D

B-eautiful, shame they're women shoes. -.-

I <3 chic kids clothes. :DD

major chic, right?! :D


here's a photo of myself with my new sweater from a streetstyle blog called Style Tone Zagreb !

hope you like it! ˆ*



  1. Naslov posta <3 ! Obožavam tu pjesmu! :D > Tu je također korištena, video je bolji zbog nje! :D

    P.S. - Pratim tvoj blog, svaka čast! :)

  2. super kolekcija, jedva cekam da stigne u ducane :)

  3. ah so lucky, the pieces are so good, and I'm in love with those shoes, the pink one is stealing my heart. You should totally have the male version of that brogues later, if any haha ;)

  4. sve tako divno izgleda :D mislim da bih kupio one cipele,bile ženske ili muške hahah

  5. hej,sad sam vidio tvoje cipele s ovog eventa, na styletonezagreb blogu.gdje si ih kupio? ciljam si takve već nekoliko mjeseci

  6. hejhej!
    jel se zna možda kad će kolekcija bit u dućanima?
    da stignem na vrijeme ugrabit onu žutu torbu do halle berry cipela:D

    pozz, dash*

  7. @mihovil- cipele su zara, na sales na ljeto kupljene. :)

    @anonym- baš se malo raspitao sad i kažu mid-february. :D



  8. cini mi se da ce biti super cipela :)

  9. Pozdrav :))
    Samo da ti javim da je jaknica taman :) Drago mi je da smo se danas upoznali :*

  10. Da mi bar imamo H&M :(
    Stvarno super stvari!

  11. Meni je diiivna kolekcija, san snova!

  12. ove cipele roze lakirane! <3 i sve! ajme, slinim evo! i super odabir, vesta je savršena. <3

  13. ma previše sam ljubomorna da bih komentarisala :D :D jedva čekam ovu kolekciju.

  14. bas su ti lijepe slike <3 a cipele su aaa sretna ona koja ih je ugrabila prije mene :D :/

  15. Svaka nova kolekcija me iznova iznenadi i obraduje :D ti si kao i uvijek u svom fazonu :) nemoj tako kriviti nogu pokidat ćeš te lijepe cipele :D :D :D

  16. divne su stvari, naročito lajkam neon komade :)

  17. oh those clothes look so beautiful! i should check it out in our local H&M would be great to grab some of them. Sorry for the late replies, i have been travelling and busy at work. check out my photo diary post later about london! it will be up in a couple of days :) xx


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