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Monday, 2 January 2012

they're gonna put me in the movies, they're gonna make a big star out of me.

hello boys&girls! :D

happy new year, my honeys! :D

how did you spent your countdown?! :)

I'm sure it wasn't THAT special!! :P

when I got to the pub where we spent our NYE I realized that I was overdressed.

and not a bit overdressed, but MAJOR OVERDRESSED (guys-in-jeans-alert! :S).

BUT, as Coco Chanel said- 'it's always better to be overdressed, than underdressed'.

because, you can easily come to the soccer game in a tux, but you really can't enter a black-tie event in sweats. :D

but, aside from that, the night was great. :D

free alcohol (payed just the entrance fee), great music and people I <3.

it was like a great night out with champagne. :P

 what I wore:
suit- h&m
shoes- h&m
red socks (not shown)- h&m
shirt- zara
bow-tie- h&m
eyeglasses- ray-ban

and as the holidays are melting away, I decided to put up some christmas photos of my home.

so we can all look at it just a little bit longer. :D

 just some of the 14 types of cakes&cookies my mom made. :D

  I'm in <3 with my tree. <3

a bit blurry, but still fab! :D

 santa baby...

 ...hurry down the chimney tonight. :D
christmas. <3

it's great to remind yourself of that warm atmosphere. ˆˆ

ALSO, I have an urge to wish my mom the happiest birthday! :D


sorry for that. :P

hope you like it! ˆ*



  1. Predivne slikice! Sretna ti Nova godina i sve najbolje!!!

  2. You had to be the coolest man in the place. Looking fab and handsome ^^
    and happiest birthday to your mum xx

  3. Ma, overdressed/underdressed, što se mene tiče, primereno si obučen sve dok se ti u tome osećaš dobro. Po fotkama bih zaključila da ti je bilo mnogo dobro :D

  4. vjerovatno si najbolje izgledao tamo!;))
    stvarno predivno!
    mašna <3

  5. dino... masna i cipele koji su se sjajno uklopili u NG atmosferu.. Sve najbolje u Novoj!

  6. dino <3 krasan si. idem te stavit na fan pejđ :D

  7. prekrasnoćo jedna prekrasna! <3 hahaha, overdressed, been there done that. bar si bio zvijezda večeri! <3

  8. predivno! jako mi se dopada! srecno! sve najdivnije u '12!


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