style brick road: oh, when I woke up tonight I said I'm gonna make somebody love me.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

oh, when I woke up tonight I said I'm gonna make somebody love me.

good evening my lovely ladies & gentlemen! :D

I hope you're feeling ok because I'm f-ing tired of studying, exams, etc.

I wanna go to the movies, read a nice book, be a bit free.

but not until the 8th of february (if everything goes as planned). :D

for now, I'm stuck in my room with books, papers, pens and marker pens.

and my computer. :D

and since I don't have any recent outfit to show you, I decided to dug deep into my bag of outfits and show you a few of my summer outfits. :D

before looking, I must warn you that I wasn't a fashion blogger and that the photos are taken with my iphone. :D

hope it gives you a perspective of my summer style. ˆˆ

henley shirt- h&m
denim shorts- sisley
sneakers- adidas
sunglasses- h&m
watch- louis pion

denim shirt- h&m
hat- h&m
floral swim shorts- h&m
sunglasses- h&m
watch- lousi pion

flip flops- havaianas
3/4 cargos- h&M
tee- review
bag- zara
watch- marea
hat- h&m
sunglasses- h&m

please take into consideration that it's summer and the successful summer outfit is the one you don't sweat in. ˆˆ

hope you like it! ˆ*


P.S. I changed the design of the blog a bit (do you like it?! :D), and I decided to feature the interviews once per month because it's really too hard to find so many interesting fashion people. :D

double xs!! :P


  1. drugi outfit je savršen :D

  2. Sad kad svi nešto učimo, ovaj ljetni blic je baš dobrodošao! Odlično izgledaš, cvjetne bermude su <3, šeširić isto! Jedva čekam ljetooooo!

  3. super ti je novi banner :) zadnja kombinacija je najbolja :)

  4. na trećoj slici si mi presexy *shy* :)
    sviđa mi se novi dizajn bloga!

  5. super izgledaš, posebno mi se sviđa outfit s druge fotke i tenisice na prvoj <3 ljeto <3

  6. Zasto na gotovo svakoj slici moras imati pozu kao da ti je slomljeno stopalo ili ruka? :F

  7. Izgledas slomljeno! :D


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