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Sunday, 29 January 2012

my heart's a stereo, it beats for you so listen close.

ciao belle&belli! :D

come va?!

I'm feeling a bit sick/hangover from yesterday but all in all- IT'S OK! ˆ

remember I talked about a collaboration with a fab UK brand called YourEyesLie?

well, I got a few chic pieces from them so I decided to do a post about them!

when I read that their first physical store was opened in Camden (my absolute fav part of London) I instantly fell in love with them.

their aesthetic is urban, edgy and definitely a bit alternative. :D

you can imagine their clothes & accessories on fashionistas like Alexa Chung, Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe (+ a bunch of other young fashionable people).

they say their signature is a plain white tee which they see as a blank canvas for their creativity. 

I love their galaxy prints, digital print tees and chic-as-hell accessories. :D

I know you can find something for you there. :D 

and here are photos from my photoshoot with ana karadžole (psycho-couture)! :D

+ljupka (guerrilla girl) and mano (the manly half of fashion imperative) made me smile so blame them! :PP

here are the photos with the fab YourEyesLie flower-skull digital print tee! :D

what I wore:
coat. vintage (grandad's ˆˆ)
blazer. shs
t-shirt. YourEyesLie
light denim shirt. h&m
hat. zara
trousers. h&m
cowboy boots. asos
wired bracelet. topman
watch. disney
sunglasses. jeepers peeepers
bag. zara

I pretty much ADORE every photo of these (thankies ana! ˆˆ).

and I love my new floral skull tee (thankies YourEyesLie & Ben :D).

you can find the tee here- LINK!!!

hope you like it, ladies and fellas! ˆ*


p.s. I decided to change the interviews from a weekly to a monthly base so now it's called 'the first interview' (I will feature all fashion people on every first day of the month :D)- preparing someone VERY VERY special for 1st of february! :D

p.p.s. I decided to start make/sell custom made studded silicone cases for mobile phones but JUST for croatian people. :( (for inquiries contact me on

second xs!!


  1. Bravo Dino, odlican stajling i fotke su mrak. Ona gdje ti je sam faca s naocalama je prezakon.
    Majica je fantasticna.

  2. dinooo :D pa zakon si! veselim se ovom postu još otkad je ana napisala da te fotkala i da čekamo slike na tvom blogu :D
    majica je prezakon! i šešir, ma sve :)

  3. Mrak outfit! JAko mi se sviđa, čak možda i najbolji do sada! Majica je premegasuper! I naočale, šešir, sako...Ma sve! Ilina

  4. smrzavanje se isplatilo <3 divan siiii

  5. savršeeen <3, fotke su divne <3 cijeli outfit me oduševio :)

  6. krasne fotke!

  7. Dopada mi se outfit.
    Naocare, narukvica bodljikava, sesir su mi omiljeni item-i.

  8. uuu, zbilja jedan kul kosturić! prvo što mi se svidjelo kod ovog web shopa je ime. a onda i cijela galaxy paleta, odlični su! super fotke i super ti, kao i uvijek :)

  9. Dinoooo, you look amazing and super cute and adorable! :D Love the combination, and the tee is so cool, love it,

  10. wow, superbarokni floral print i svedeni moze bolje!

    a tek asesoar <3

  11. najbolji do sada outfit i fotografija!


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