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Friday, 13 January 2012

it's my life and it's now or never.

hello mesdames&messieurs! :D

firstly, I want to apologize for not writing frequently because:

a) I have/had a lot of stuff to do

b) I'm wearing sweats when I'm at home and that's not representable!

c) When I'm not home I'm at college (leave at 9:30, come back home at 23:30 :D)

d) I decline making up outfits for just photographing! I think of style-brick-road as my diary and I really don't want to make up things that didn't happen in my life! :D

but, what's most important is that I'm here now! :D

since everybody's putting up what they bought on these big sales I'm gonna do to. :P

studs! both 4.50 £ (got holiday free shipping :D)

asos knit sweater! 17 £ (was 35)

asos t-shirt! 4.50£ (was 12)

asos cardigan! 20 £ (was 35)

acid pink jeans! 18£ (were 40)

backpack! 12£ (was 30)

also bought a midnight blue chunky beanie from asos ( 4.50£- was 10) and ordered an h&m sweater (13 €- was 30) so I think my sales shopping is over! :D

what is your best sales buy?! :D

hope you like it! ˆ*



  1. backpack!!!ajme kako je dobar!i ljubomorna sam na zakovice ;)

  2. svidja mi se odabir. slican crni kardigan smo kupili na asosu :D

  3. Super su ti stvarcice..a nitne @_@ aaa I am pooping rainbows! ^^

  4. Joj ja nigde u Srbiji ne uspevam da nadjem nitne :(

  5. Ja bih dvije te tvoje zakovice. Ajd ja naručim bodlje pa se malo đoramo/mijenjamo :D ko pokemon karte :D
    Divan ulov :D

  6. super stvari, imaš link od zakovica? :)

  7. Nešto ću pitati i možda ispasti totalni kreten :D Ugl, al h&m dostavlja u Hrvatsku (isto kao Asos)? i super si :D

  8. super ulovi, zakovice su krasne :)

  9. ma Asos je zakon, ja uvijek u minus uđem kada su rasprodaje! :D super si stvari uzeo.

  10. odlične stvari! zakovice su mrak! i ja bi... ne znam doduše što bih s njima, ali eto, tek toliko, da ih imam... ;)

  11. uu, veri najs! jedva cekam ove zakovice! :*


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