style brick road: diamond dogs are poachers, and they hide behind trees, hunt you to the ground they will.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

diamond dogs are poachers, and they hide behind trees, hunt you to the ground they will.

hello boyz&galz! :D

I just want to say that I'm sorry for not posting (getting tired of this line! :P).

but the first exam is behind me (BRAVAs for me! :P) and I can continue with style-brick-riding! :DD

for this week's saturday I prepared something special...

like REALLY special...

this time, the person I interviewed was a international designer...

his works were included in a Vogue Italia editorial with Raquel Zimmerman ('The A train')- I published the photos on my blog before (HERE).

he's Deryck Todd, NY-based headwear&clothing designer. :D

when I saw his work I instantly fell in love with it.


I'm planning on getting one piece (I just need to decide which one :D).

and here goes the Q&A... 

WARNING: the interview has a lot of 'american-culture' expressions&people in it so don't hesitate on google-ing anything you don't get at first- IT'S HILARIOUS! :D
'Goldie Lux'

1. How did you start designing headwear?
I started wearing hats at the age of 5 when my mom dressed him up like Robin Hood and was stuck being jealous of his sister, Tinkerbell. Through high school, I sported baseball caps, but come adulthood, those sport team hats just weren’t cutting it— not to mention they clashed with my smokey eye make up. So I began to cover up the boring cap with glam: gems, studs, chains, feathers, whatever he could get his hands on. And thus, the line of Deryck Todd hats was born.
Deryck Todd headwear at the Betsey Johnson's show

2. What was your first piece?
My first piece was something that hasn’t seen the light of day in years - it was a cap I put a few clear and green Swarovski’s crystals on and wore to the gym - it was all the rage in the steamroom.

3. What was your family’s opinion on you being a headwear designer?

'Candy O. Darling'

Oh, they can’t get enough - my mother is convinced if they get to the front of line at Good Morning America that Sam Champion will wear one to the Emmys.

I adore this photo. *HAIR* ('Shangai Surpise')

4. What’s your education in fashion design?
I studied to be an opera singer at NYU and took design classes privately for a few years - shout out to my teacher Cece who owns a boutique on the Lower East Side.

'M.A.F.'- this one is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!

5. What influenced you the most during your first years of designing?
I’m still in those 1st few years and I’m inspired by vintage magazines, cartoon characters and roller coasters.

'Boobs&Loobs'- HILARIOUS! :D

6. Which music do you listen to while designing?
Christian Gospel. Sometimes it’s a movie like Women In Revolt or a show like Designing Women - same difference.

7. Who is the person you design for?
Someone with their own teeth and a red Amex.

8. How would you describe your aestethics?

9. Which celebrity you’d like to see wearing your design?
Shirley MacLaine.

10. Which is your favorite piece?
I enjoy the Highway to Helmet because it saved my life one night on a motorcycle.

Highway to Helmet

11. Where do most orders come from?
Mainly I get orders from the far east, North Dakota and fellow New Yorkers.
'Money Honey'

12. Which is the best-selling piece?
Hands down the Diamond Dawgs cap, let’s hear it for Bowie.
'Diamond Dawgs'

13. How did you feel when you saw your caps in Vogue Italia?
I had heard that they pulled pieces for Vogue Italia but didn’t know they made the editorial cut until it hit stands - was great to see Raquel Zimmermann wearing a few of my pieces on the A train.

14. How do you see the future of your brand?
Viral, like Susan Boyle.


15. What would you like to say to you current and future fans?
First off, I would like to thank glamourous G*ds everywhere and then I’d like to thank my family for advocating my creativity and lastly, the L train.

'Coppers & Robbers'

so that's my first international interview! :D

like it?! :D

click HERE to go to Deryck Todd's web page! :D

click HERE to go to his webshop! (the prices are acceptable and you can see all of his pieces!! :D)

I absolutely love Deryck Todd's caps because they are a mix of edgy and sporty but have a sense of humour in them (just read all the titles of the pieces :D).


thank you Deryck for this amazing interview and I wish you all the luck! :D

hope you like it guyz&galz! ˆ*


P.S. which one should I get & which one would you choose?! :DD


  1. hilarious interview and some awesome pieces!

  2. cool. a podsjetilo me na ovo :

  3. Ovo je super! Već sam vidjela te stvari na onom portalu za koji pišeš. meni su kacige apsolutni favorit! Žeeelim rozu s a svim i svačim na njoj! ili crvenu, da mi paše uz moto jaknu! Ilina

  4. sviđa mi se jedino roza majica, ostalo not my cup of tea :)

  5. oho..jako svida mi se previse, ali je cool.


  6. lucky you! predobre kape ima, bas neobicno nesto :))

  7. wow, mogu te zamisliti u jednoj ovoj sa siljcima... :)) fora su!


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