style brick road: any old time you use it, gotta be rock'n'roll music.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

any old time you use it, gotta be rock'n'roll music.

bonjour les garçons&les filles! :P

I swear I didn't use google translate for this! :P

I really speak french (studying it for 10 years. :DD)!

what's new in your life?

any new-year changes?! :D

my life currently consists of going to my dance practices & studying so there's really not any style in my life. :DD

I feel disgusting wearing sweats (especially bottoms -.-) but that's all I can wear to my practices.

when I'm at home I'm wear PJs or sweats so it's really not anything I can show you here. :D

BUT, I have something I would like to share with you for some time now.

it's my outfit for my prom. :D

and I'm warning you- it's out there...

my little honey! :*

sis, the doggie & moi! :D

we are family! :D

 the mighty five! <3

(last 2 photos by Luka Gudić)

what I wore:
blazer- mcneal
shirt- zara
trousers- mcneal
shoes- pat calvin
belt- zara
handkerchief- mcneal
sunglasses- h&m
watch- scoop

bold, you say?! :P

I was really inspired by the dandy fashion of the early 19th century (the plaid blazer), the 40's hollywood fashion (shoes, handkerchief) and the 80's (the pink trousers).

and it was a love at first sight with these trousers!

+ I had them before the versace ones came out. :P

but, what is most important, I had a really great time & I will remember my prom forever! ˆˆ

hope you like it! ˆ*