style brick road: you know how hard it can be, the way things are going.

Saturday, 31 December 2011

you know how hard it can be, the way things are going.

hello boys&girls! :D

only few hours away from THE MOMENT!

or should I say only 366 days and few hours away from THE MOMENT.

or 731 days and few hours.


so, the point is- this ''special'' moment happens every year.

in the same time.

so it's not that special!


but, I must say I'm looking forward to tonight's going out because I didn't go out for a long time so a bit of drinky drinky is good for me. :D

I'm gonna wear my h&m burgundy suit, patent faux leather shoes, white shirt, plaid bow-tie & red socks! :D

I need to look fab, right?! :D

I'm also working today so I won't have a lot of time to get ready and because of that, my outfit is on the hanger, waiting for me. :P

as I'm mentally getting ready for the countdown, I need to remind myself to all great things that happened this year- the 2011.

I started working (writing) for PushIt Moda, became student of journalism, made many new friends (bloggers&non-bloggers), made a blog (THIS ONE, YES! :P) and the most important thing I still have my old friends.

because, friends are the most important thing you can have. :D

and as one of those friends, Ana was the one of the last people I drank coffee with this year.

we were ata cool placed called Golf Café.

it's very cute, you get lemon&honey with tea and it's warm.

now that's what you need in these cold times (note: it's currently sunny here in Zagreb -.-)

here are the photos of my outfit...

what I wore:
coat- mcneal
sweater- h&m
shirt- zara
bow-tie- h&m
jeans- h&m
scarf- zara
socks- h&m
shoes- h&m
bag- asos
watch- certina
eyeglasses- ray-ban

thankies to Ana for the pics (we all <3 your canon- especially in your hands! :D)

so, although I hate this NYE sh*t, I will wish something, and I suggest that you do the same. :D

one wish that can come true is never a bad thing. ;)

I'm currently listening Auld Lang Syne performed by Lea Michele (you can listen to it on my blog :P) and feeling emotional.

dunno why.

probably this NYE sh*t. :DD

hope you like it! ˆ*




  1. aw, kjut post :* zabavi se večeras =)

  2. aww have fun, I'm already in 2012. :D
    you look great and that sweater is really cute.
    happy new year hun! xx

  3. Hipster. Be original.

  4. iako nemam ništa protiv hipstera i njihovog stila (dapače, uz punkere i skejtere po mojem mišljenju su najstajliš subkultura), ne bih baš svoj stil nazvao hipsterski. također, ne smatram hipsterima neoriginalnim. :d ali svatko ima svoje mišljenje. :)

  5. Nova uvek mi je to samo jos jedan izlazak :D
    Cipele su mi bas bas super .))

  6. Sretna ti Nova godina, sve najbolje ti želim da samo tako nastaviš rokati sa stilom. A ova kombinacija ti je presuper. Cipele su brutala.

  7. slatkišu jedan <3 cipelice su neodoljive. da <3

  8. Sretna Nova! Super ti je outfit! cipele su predobre, samo me brine nisi li se smrznuooooo :)


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