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Saturday, 3 December 2011

now that you know who you are, what do you want to be?

hello boys&girls! :D

how are you, my honey-bees?

I'm writing this post in Split!

the weather is so warm and beautiful so I'm absolutely enjoying my little vacation. :D

we're staying at an amazing, newly furnished flat in a great part of Split so the interior is kinda minimalism/fabulosity.

today is another INTERVIEW SATURDAY!

so I prepared an amazing interview with a founder of a brand that has so much potential...

... it's a brand called REC (FACEBOOK PAGEOFFICIAL PAGE) and it's current designer and one of the founders Ana Marin.

Ana is a fashion designer with a degree from Zagreb's college of textiles & technologies, and has a fabulous brand REC that produces a range of fun products.

from toys ('zubeki') to clothes and accessories, REC has a great number of customers...

1. When did you start making and selling your jewelry?
REC was founded in 2006 as a creative collaboration between two room-mates- Tihana Prolić & Ana Marin. The whole thing came absolutely spontaneously- after making our products for ourselves we started selling them at a newly-opened store called ‘Prostor’ (‘The Space’) in Zagreb. The REC of today is a independent project by me- fashion designer Ana Marin located in Split.

2. How did you come up with the name of your brand?
The name REC was inspired by the sound that scissors make when you cut (rec-rec), but it also refers to the word recycle because the dolls are made mostly of recycled and nature-friendly materials.

3. Can you live solely from selling your jewelry?
Honestly, no. I do a lot of side-jobs that are my monthly incomes. That is the real reason why I’m always late with the production and the reason why the winter collection of REC t-shirts wasn’t produced. :(

4.     How do you see the future of your brand?
A bright one! As long there are ideas and creativity… :)

5.     What is your favourite REC piece?
Zubek (‘Teethy’) pillows. Making them makes me happy and they always keep me company before they go to live their life.  :)

6.     What would you like to say to your current and future fans?
Please be patient when you’re waiting to get your REC product and fast when some new REC piece goes out… They always ask me to make them some old t-shirt model but I really don’t have the time to produce new things so I’m forced to leave the old things behind me. Unfortunately, every collection is limited edition.

7.     What's your inspiration and where do you go to find new ideas?
I’m attracted to everything that is based on geometric clean lines and primary colours like the designs of Verner Pantone from the 60’s and vintage didactic toys for children. The possibilites of mixing up the inspiration of geometric lines and primary colours are endless. I want to revive the aesthetic of the 80’s- both in toys and in clothes.  I love the children TV shows and cartoons from the 80’s like ‘Hihotići’ and ‘Snorkijevci’ (‘The Snorks’) so I also put the ideas of those TV shows in the graphical identity of the brand REC.

8.     Was your knowledge of fashion design helpful in making of your brand?
Of course. If I didn’t have the knowledge I do I wouldn’t have that as a job. J I do what I know but I also try to improve my knowledge and abilities.

9.     Do you have more international or croatian customers?
Right now, I’m selling REC products solely in Croatia but I also have a lot of international customers that are always thrilled to buy some unique gifts made in Croatia for somebody or a piece of clothing by a croatian designer that they can’t buy anywhere else. :)

more photos of REC...


<3 this!!

 a FAB dress!! ˆ*

I would like to thank the lovely Ana for this lovely q&a and hope to collaborate one day! :D

you can buy REC stuff online ( but also in two cities- Zagreb ('Prostor', Mesnička 5) & Split (LUK, Andrićeva 3).

also, you'll soon be able to find some of the REC products in a store called 'Shpajza' (Ilica 14, Lovački rog) in Zagreb

and I would like to show you something...

here's what I bought in a SHS in Split... :D

it is HUGE and I could spend all my money (and time) there.

it's also SO cheap that I payed just 150 kunas (20 , 30 $) for all this :D

hope you like it! ˆ*

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I'll announce the winner tomorrow! :D APPLY APPLY! :D



  1. Super su REC haljine, a one mace su adorable! A ulov u SHS-u je bome baš ulov! Jedva čekam outfit postove! :)

  2. instant volim detalje ovog brenda :)

  3. Nisam do sada čula za REC, ali sam oduševljena.
    Posebno medama ♡
    Nakit i majice su odlične. I intervju!

  4. sviđa mi se ova haljinica :)
    dobar ulov u shsu, jedva čekam neke kombinacije s tim ;)

  5. može ova crvena i tirkiz torbica! :)


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