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Saturday, 24 December 2011

nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time. it's easy. all you need is love.

hello boys&girls! :DD

happy day-before-christmas! ˆ*

I'm feeling so happy!!!

my room is all shiny & sparkly, as is my whole home! :D

full of dear people, food & wrapped gifts! :D

my grandparents, cousins and aunt&uncle are coming for tomorrow's lunch, and for tonight's dinner my sister's boyfriend is going to join my parents, my sis & me! :D

I have few more gifts to wrap (I bought today) and MY WORK IS DONE! :P

I'm going to join my 2 dearest friends from elementary school for a drink&a christmas mass in our local church! :D

and because it's day-before-christmas aka SATURDAY I prepared another super-fab interview...

behind the name Christelle jewelry is a cute story about a mother and a daughter.

Iva Tešija (the housewife mom) and Kristina Tešija (the student of philosophy&croatian daughter) together make a great accessories (jewelry-bag-ring-brooch) duo. :D

Kristina also works as a journalist/presenter at one radio station, and has interest in photography and writing...

multitalented, huh?! :D
1.When did you start making and selling your jewelry?

My mum always made me jewelry and bags and I started making my own little accessories in high school.  But this type of jewelry and the “selling” part started in April of 2010, by mum and me and it is like that since then, a real family collaboration.

2. How did you come up with the name of your brand?

Christelle is the nickname I’ve been using for several years before I started making jewelry. I used it on the internet sites where I published my photo art and poems and short stories I’ve written. I was looking for something that sounded like my name, Kristina, but that had an international sound to it.

3. Can you live solely from selling your accessories?

Well, yes actually. That is the one thing that never stops to amaze us.

4.How do you see the future of your brand?

I have tons of ideas, from clothes to wedding decorations, house decorations and toys for the youngest, but with college and another job I barely find time for the orders I take every day from girls from all around Croatia. We are in the process of getting a license for opening a small selling atelier. We also plan to design and sell clothes, as well as starting with wedding decorations and all sorts of fun stuff. But, the time will tell…

5. What is your favourite piece of your jewelry?

Every time I make something new I think that it’s my favourite. But then I make something new and change my mind… And so on, and so on… I have few necklaces I made for new collections that we will present in January, and I’m already wearing them non-stop. But, from the pieces that are already available, I would have to say Goldie earrings.

Goldie earrings. :D

6What would you like to say to your current and future fans

I would like to thank our fans and customers, because we are always improving because of them. And future fans and customers are always welcome :D They can contact us, tell us their wishes and we will try to make them true, as long as they are in the area of fashion and fashion accessories.

7. What's your inspiration and where do you go to find new ideas?

Materials, materials, materials. We have a large workshop, it’s filled with fabrics, pearls, leather… from floor to ceiling! When I’m working on something new, I just sit there, listen to music and ramble through materials, combine them and try if they go together. Also, I am, just as everyone else, always under the influence of old magazines, tv shows, websites and similar stuff, although I’m not always well aware of that fact.

8. What's your knowledge of fashion and is it helpful?

I love fashion, I love beautiful things in everyday life, I like small luxuries such as nice vintage bag, bowl of pearls on my table, or a big stack of my favourite books. I find some kind of inspiration in all of that, but I don’t have any formal knowledge of fashion design.

9. Do you have more international or croatian customers?

Croatian. I only work with Croatian customers because the shipping costs for other countries are huge. I also have regular customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia (big greetings to them!) and I’ve also worked with people from Germany, Poland, Italy, Serbia and Austria. I would love it if we could spread our brand wider, but there is enough time for that in the future.

and more photos of  Christelle jewelry...

this one's called toffife. +.+

absolutely magnificent, right?! :DDD

you can contact her & buy the jewelry  HERE.

so that's that!

I'm off to get ready for the pre-christmas dinner! :DD

hope you have the bestest christmas present EVER! <3

hope you like it! :D



  1. Srca nausnice su tako dobre, tako lepe.Ahhh zelim ih one goldie earrings.
    A tek velika srca na grudima!!Auuu...
    Brosevi su tako sweet~))
    A i snalice!!!

  2. odličan intervju.posjedujem naušnice jedne i jako sam zadovoljna :)


  3. Odličan post!! hvala za ideju, i sama pomalo šivam tako da ću pokušati napraviti nešto slično :)

  4. ja imam jedan prsten i odličan mi je! nema tko ne pita otkud mi ;) <3 Nataša


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