style brick road: my old friend i've come to talk with you again.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

my old friend i've come to talk with you again.

hello boys&girls! :D

It's sooo sunny today in Zagreb so I'b absolutely enjoying it. :D

how's the weather in your town?

so, I'm finally done with my exams (for now) so I'm free to hang out with friends, do everything I want to or even do nothing. :D

on saturday, I went to grab a coffee with my bestest friend (my lovely Nikolina).

after quite a long time of not hangin' out with her (almost 2 weeks :O) we finally met up and talked for about 3 hours.

and after that we talked a bit more. :P

after our coffee, we did a little tour of the centre of Zagreb.

the good old christmas-y feel's TOTALLY come to my town. :D

streets are decorated with those old and kinda ugly decorations (but I still love them :D).

store windows are also being all sparkly and shiny.

but I always try to find something interesting that doesn't catch everybody's attention like beautiful but empty places or full of garbage that are next to those shiny, sparkly, and decorated places.

I also decided to feature Nikolina's outfit because I love her style- simple but trendy. :D


beautiful, right?! :D

what I wore:
shirt- h&m
jean jacket- vintage (diesel)
trousers- asos
cardigan- h&m
boots- h&m
bag- asos
spiky-wire bracelet- topman
eyeglasses- ray-ban

love this garbage truck. <3

my favourite shoemaker. <3


so that's that! :D

I wrote an article about some FAB headpieces by Deryck Todd for the internet magazine I write for so if you speak croatian you can read it! Push It- Deryck Todd

hope you like it! ˆ*




  1. Za mene uvek vazi less is more :)

  2. cipele tvoje ali i one burgundy u izlogu..<3

  3. Super fotke, ti kičasti ukrasi po gradu su divni! Vas dvoje ste totalno slatki! I pašete po bojama! ;)

  4. i meni se sviđa Nikolinin outfit, a i tvoj, kao i uvijek :D hvala ti na divnom komentaru i javi mi svoju adresu na mail šaljem ti mašnu kao poklon bez obzira na giveaway :D

  5. OBOŽAVAM ZAGREB! teta ima super cipele i zurkicu!

  6. Nikolina ima odlično prstenje! :))


  7. beautiful blog!!! ;)

  8. Volim vas grad Zagreb.Tako je lep, uredan i kulturan. Voil tvoju levi`s teksas jaknu i sve uz nju sto si kombinovao!!
    Mislim da ce vec postati klasica tvoje slike, gde slikas cipele,pa malo iskrivis nogu!!Super, volim to, ali zaista!!

  9. Opet sam se vratila na tvoj blog jer sam htela da procitam post i kao da sam znala, da sam opet negde pogresila.Jakna ti je Diesel, a ne Levi`s.

    Super mi je tvoja recenica "old and kinda ugly decorations" hahah, i kod nas je uvek isto i staro, ali opet volim!!Tako da slazem se sa tobom!!


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