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Friday, 30 December 2011

I want you in the morning girl I love you, I want you at the moment I feel blue.

hello boys&girls! :D

whatuuuup?! :D

ready for a new year?! :)

I'm so NOT into all this NYE sh*t. -.-

everyone expects it to be the best time in the year. -.-




you always gets bored (except the countdown) + you almost always lose the one's you get there with because there's loads of people in the same room. -.-

fun, huh?!

but hey, I'M GONNA WEAR A NICE OUTFIT SO THAT'S ONE GOOD SIDE (and possibly the only good side). :)

but forget that, and try to have fun! :)

I was a model for the first lookbook of one young&fab croatian designer.

it's Jelena Aleksić! :)

styling&clothes- Jelena Aleksić design
photography- Ivana Kragić
make up- Iva Kežman
models- Mario Bošnjak & Dino Bonačić (THAT'S ME!! :P)

we're representing blue mannequins! :D

and no, we're neither smurfs nor avatar people! :DD

but the photos are, you must admit, fab! :D

hope you like it! ˆ*

p.s. Tomorrow is the last saturday of the year, but I probably won't have enough time to post one because I'm working! :(

p.p.s. New playlist with songs that remind me of this year is up on style-brick-road! :D



  1. precool slike, i btw, ni ja nisam into all this NYE sh*t :) slažem se!

  2. predobre fotke! I ne, nisu me podsjetile na štrumpfove niti avatare! :D barem dok ti to nisi spomenuo! ;) Predobro izgledaš!!!!!

  3. Uh, praznici. Jedva sam se nakanila da okitim jelku! Ali na kraju jesam. A sutra ću da se skockam, ušuškam i gledam filmove. Perfect!
    A fotke su tako kul!
    Uživaj sutra!<3

  4. divan si i slike su odlične!
    zabavi se večeras. nisam ni ja baš u tom new year's eve ugođaju, al se zabavim bez obzira na ostale.. :)


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