style brick road: I just climbed out of a cotton wood tree. I was running from some honey bees.

Friday, 23 December 2011

I just climbed out of a cotton wood tree. I was running from some honey bees.

hello boys&girls! :D

are you ready for christmas?!

just 1 and 1/2 day! :P

I finished my christmas shopping & wrapping the presents today! :D

bought some really awesome presents for my dearest so I'm happy about it! :D

I absolutely adore gifting my dearest people, feels so nice to see their smiles when they open the presents. :D

are you finished with your christmas sweet duties? :D

and about my present...

I'm really not expecting nothing special, as I never do.

I think it's absolute nonsense to expect something because you easily get disappointed if you don't get it! :P

I'm hoping for another healthy & successful year with my dear friends & family! :D

but it would be nice to get something under the christmas tree too. :P

I'm preparing a great interview for tomorrow + a great post about ArtOmat,I visited few days ago, for christmas day! :D

but for now here's my random outfit from a week ago, when it was warmer. :D

what I wore:
trench- h&m
denim vest- vintage (shs)
shirt- vintage (grandad's)
trousers- h&m
boots- bought in Stiefelkönig
sunglasses- jeepers peepers
watch- disney

now I'm off to finish decorating the christmas tree with my lovelies, and try some of 12 types of 
cookies&cakes my mom made. :D

which cakes did your or your family make?! :D

hope you like it! ˆ*



  1. kul si ;) sat je preeeeedobar :D
    ugodne praznike želim! ;)

  2. Naočale su ti odlične! Looove them!

  3. Uf, naočale mrak, i košulja, sat isto...Ma sav si mrak! ;)

  4. Super naočare! :) A volim i vintage stvari :)

  5. Košulja i sat su odlični!
    Sve je odlično spojeno u cjelinu!

  6. Srecan ti Bozic!!

    Jako mi se svidja sat Disney, prsluk i cizmice su dobre jer su tako oldis!!Da i naocare~)

  7. love the combination!! the glasses is so cute, I want it! haha. :D


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