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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

give me your answer, fill in a form. mine for evermore.

hello boys&girls! :D

whatuuup?! :PP

today is a holiday in Croatia

not like a non-working holiday but a holiday for the children and for those who feel like children. :P

it's called Saint Nicholas (ilitiga Sveti Nikola :P).

I don't want to tell you the story about that saint or the holiday, if you wanna know- GOOGLE IT! :D

but the most important thing is- you need to clean your boot and you'll get something in it! :D

I clean my boot every year, and I always get something (a birch is a must-have)!

I adore candies so my parents (oops, Saint Nicholas) can't go wrong by giving my candies :D

so yeah, I got candies, a chocolate...

but St. Nicholas apparently didn't like my h&m boots so he put the stuff in a cool winter sock! :D

all I need to match this sock is a fireplace! :P

I was also featured on a facebook page (street style seconds)- a site where a photographer (Goran Čižmešija) puts photos of people (that dress differently) that he finds in the centre of Zagreb   (like the sartorialst). :D

and that's moi! :D

what I wore:
boots- h&m
trousers- zara
scarf- zara
bag- c&a
sunglasses- vintage
henley shirt- h&m
blazer- vintage

hope you like it! ˆ*



  1. Dino, pa ti uvijek izgledaš drugačije! I to mi je precool, tako da si sasvim zasluženo osvanuo na streetstyle blogu! :)

  2. that's such an interesting holiday, we need one like that haha.
    congrats for the feature in street style blog, and the photo of you, it's amazing! ;)


  3. Loving photo and congrats on the feature!


  4. Odlican blejzer :) ja sam za svetog nikolu dobila milku s keksom i jednu haljinicu :)
    Sibu nisam :)

  5. You are amazing :) now following.. follow back ? x

  6. Ja sam ove godine stavio kutiju na prozor jer mi trebaju čizmice XD

  7. predobra fotka lepoto! i haribooo, o dadada! :D

  8. Slatko, jako je sve slatko,a tek Haribo candy mmmmm.
    Svidja mi se tvoj vintage blazer!!

  9. Samo me zanima di je ovaj Vintage ducan u Zagrebu?

  10. Vintage nije dućan, nego znak da je roba stara, ali iz mojeg ormara (znači netko od obitelji). kad je iz second hand shopa napišem shs! :D




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