style brick road: everything's all right. yeah we have some fun tonight. I said have some fun.

Friday, 16 December 2011

everything's all right. yeah we have some fun tonight. I said have some fun.

hello boys&girls! :D

you know the time when you hang out with your friends bloggers and talk, and dance, and laugh, and take photos of it all?!


well, I do! :D

few of us went to ljupka's place yesterday and we did just that! :D

Ana had her new extra-mega-uber-super-cool-fab-canon camera (& DID THE FAB SHOOTING), Ljupka & Filip made some tea (+they have the bestest flat to photograph), Matea brought her FAB legs (the longest in the world), and Marija brought some somersbys to pump up the atmosphere!

I also brought some candy for these kids! :P

here are the photos... (some are crazy, me acting drag- inspired by bryanboy!! :PP)

the beautiful home of tot&tanevska<3

matea&moi with our new footwear & her longest legs (hers stolen from ljupka, mine MY NEW DOC MARTENS!!! <3)

ljupka&moi playin' sexy&cool bithezzz! <3


everybody loves candy dino brought!

random ones...

what I wore:
jumper- vintage (shs)
t.shirt- zara
jeans- h&m
watch- louis pion
boots- doc martens
eyeglasses- ray.ban
necklace worn as eyepiece- ljupka's gift to ana
pelerine- bms by zoran aragović
bag- lju torbice

hope you like it!!! ˆ*



  1. :)) napiši da sam ja fotkala kmeee :D

  2. it looked like super fun time, those two girls are gorgeous! You look cute and funny ^^

  3. Slatkiši su bili hajlajt večeri :D

  4. magic

  5. Super su mi novogodisnji ukrasni, cipele i sorc tvoje plave drugarice, a Ljupka isto ima divnu haljinu!!
    Cajnik mi je isto jako sladak!!
    Dobra ti je frizura, a i jakna!!~)

  6. OMG you all look great and having a lot of fun!!!!
    Come to visit my blog and if you like let's follow each other!!!


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