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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

roll up, roll up for the magical mystery tour, step right this way.

hello boys&girls!

thank to my fav blogger & great friend Ljupka and photos on her blog, a lot of new readers have come to my blog!

I'm so excited about that and I would like to thank each of you on your awesome comments! :D

so, I'm posting some photos that I owe you.

the ones from the night out at ljupka's and filip's place.

playing monopoly.

drinking from lead glasses.

eating gummy smurfs I brought.

and then we went out.

we were out dancing at a cool place that is a great coffe shop by day, and (from now on) a party place by night!

there were not only a lot of 80's music (b-52's, madonna, david bowie) which I A-DORE, but also music by contemporary artists like lady gaga (BIGGEST FAN :D)!

that's the greatest mix when you're up for some dancing! :D

ana joined us there and it was really fun.

here are the photos from the awesome photoshoot by Filip.

<3 you!

what I wore:
blazer- vintage
cardigan- h&m
shirt- jake*s
jeans- h&m
bow tie- h&m
sneakers- converse all star
watch- shs
eyeglasses- ray-ban
smurf candy- haribo (:P)

thank you guys. again. <3

hope you like it! ˆ*



  1. Već sam Ljupki bila iskomentirala da ste baš slatki :) i sviđa mi se tvoj stajling jako <3

  2. I love that mix patterns! Your polkadot bowtie is the cutest thing, me want it :D love your friend's tutu skirt, so cute! xx

  3. vidjela sam fotke i na Ljupkinom blogu i oduševila se, kako ste vi stylish društvo :D mašna mi je šlag na tortu :D

  4. Zelim smurf candy,ali jako!!
    Njam njam!!
    Svidja mi se tvoja kosuljica,a i drugarica ti je cool!!

  5. patim na masnice a pretpostavljam da ih ti imas na bacanje...ti si meni muska ljupka blogsvijeta(i time stvarno nemislim nista lose :D)
    super stil!


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