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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I dig a pony. well you can celebrate anything you want.

hello boys&girls!

the title of this post, as almost every other title of my posts, is a lyric from a beatles' song.

I absolutely worship them and they sung at least 80% of my favourite songs. :D

but, this particular song ('dig a pony') is a great example of nonsenses that sound good!

but some people aren't lucky and their nonsenses sound horrible. :P

but, leave the nonsense-people aside...

I'm very excited because one of my favourite croatian hand-made jewelry designer accepted an interview for this blog!

I won't say who because you'll see on saturday (from now on, I'll try to have 'interview saturdays' :P).

I was at my college today, didn't do anything special.

BUT, I wore THE BEST thing I bought in a shs...

my patchwork denim jacket!

I was, again, colourful and bright coloured so here it is...

what I wore:
denim jacket- vintage (shs)
hoodie- h&m
t-shirt- h&m
bag- asos
beanie- topman
sunglasses- h&m
jeans- h&m
boots- h&m
watch- louis pion

I'm also planning on going all-denim one day so when I do, I'll of course put the photos!
and I'm also very excited because I'm waiting for a lot of things from topman and asos to arrive! :DDD

hope you like it! ˆ*



  1. precool!
    xoxo Sienna

  2. I love colorful outfit, brighten up gloomy days :D love that patchwork denim jacket. cant wait all your new stuffs from topman and asos and your all denim look ;)

  3. Super nam je što si pun boja! Zimi svi hodaju tako crnnnniiiiiii! Užas! Živjele bojeeeeee!

  4. Cool outfit,nešto drugačije,jakna mi je vrh...

  5. hey dear! i would love to comment on every new posts you have since you are adorable and gorgeous but this post made me like "oh dear, I owe him a nice comment!!!" since your jacket made a statement and although your other outfits are equally lovely and me with almost no time still get so updated with your posts (thanks to smart phones) would like to scream and say: I DIG YOUR DENIM JACKET! and post more, more and more :) i do check every one of them. :)

  6. frajeru ;) joj kak je dobra ta jakna, ljubomorna sam sto i ta nije bila u ženskom modelu :D da okolo hodamo ko blizanci :P :*

    p.s s ovim cvikama si čisti seks ;)

  7. thank you guuuurls! ˆ*// hvala vam cure! :DD

  8. u kojim second hand shopovima u zagrebu kupujes ?

  9. na trgu francuske republike i trenutno u novom textile houseu na savskoj. a i hrelić nije za odbacit ako pogodiš dan. :D (p.s. srijeda je dobitna- manje ljudi, ponuda ista ˆ*)

  10. Super mi je tvoja teksas jakna.Definitivno je Wild Life!!!

  11. Odlican smisao za boje.


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