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Sunday, 20 November 2011

here comes the sun, and I say it's alright.

hello boys&girls!

it was a long day yesterday with me studying, going to the final day o 'modni ormar' I talked about yesterday, visiting 'moda sa šlagom' (a great project to popularize young croatian designers) and also going for a quick drink with my fellas Ljupka&Mija after the show.

firstly, the 'moda sa šlagom'.

Ljupka & I visited it in the evening, before the 'modni ormar' show so it was pretty late and a lot of designers already left from the showroom.

although there were very few people there was a great atmosphere and everybody was chatting and hanging out.

there were only two designers left there with their cool products.

the first one was the one I already had an interview with- lovely Marita from 'YoSoyJuanita'.

she showed a lot of jewelry there so here are the pics. :D

 my favourite, the orange, was there! :D

the other designer that showed (or should I say the one of the last two :D) was osh brosh, a brooch designer.

the name of the brand in croatian means 'do you want a brooch' so I find it very cool. :D

I also hope to interview the founder for my blog soon. :D

she had a bird-cage which was adorable. :D

they all are really cute so check it out on their fbook pages. :D

and now, the 'modni ormar'.

The first day was the contest day.

a lot of students from the college of textiles and technologies showed their work but I unfortunately couldn't go because of my college classes.

The second day was very nice because a lot of already established designers showed their mini-collections.

here are my favourites and the photos.


Zoran Mrvoš showed a gothic moulin rouge collection of stage-wear but it was really fun because few celebrities wore the clothes. :D

Ivan Midžić showed some interesting jewelry for men and for women but though very interesting and avantgarde the men jewelry wasn't my style (a bit too feminine).

Milena Rogulj showed futuristic voluminous pieces which i see on teenagers in 2150 (I mean the year. :P)- fun, futuristic and youthful.

Igor Dobranić send a mix of prints down the runway.

but not any mix, all b&w, which was really cool, and it all looked avantgarde and with a sense of stage-wear.

one of my favourites was Nada Došen who showed also a monochromatic b&w collection which was in the same time youthful and classic.

she also put great hats (made by Kobali) on the models which went great with the lovely coats and outerwear.

Igor Galaš closed the night with his collection of cool knits and great futuristic winter looks. :D

the mosaic in the hall where the fashion show was held.

the-drink-after-the-runway pic.


here are some cool pics of the baroque- inspired costumes.

they really looked amazing and very interesting and intricate.

so, well done for the students!

here's a few photos of the mini- collection by Iggy.

it was inspired by 70's and everybody knows that I ADORE the 70's retro feel so it was SOOO ME! :D

and here are a few photos of my outfit of the second day + a few ljupka's and mija's photos! :DD

I literally SCREAMED for this tee! *.*

what I wore:
jeans- zara
faux leather perfecto jacket- zara
sneakers- borovo (startas)
jumper- red&green
shirt- h&m
scarf- h&m
hat- h&m
bag- zara
eye-glasses- ray-ban


now that is a MEGA-POST.

hope you like it! ˆ*



  1. ti ne možeš ispasti loše na slikama majkemi :)) super post :)

  2. hahah potpisujem anu :) za razliku od mene :D
    :* vidimo se sutra! tj. danas :D

  3. Jako, jako dobra odjevna kombinacija! Tenisice su odlične! <3
    A vidim da djelimo i ljubav prema prugicama... ;)

  4. Zgodni detaljčići i Rebekina majica :)

  5. uf pa ne znam šta prije da komentarišem :D super su mi ovakvi događaji, da je bar kod nas više takvih.. u Bosni se ništa zanimljivo ne dešava, bar ne meni zanimljivo, ima tih par fashion week-ova ali su presmiješni . Tvoj mi se outfit jaako sviđa, patikice posebno. Broševi, kostimi .. :D a LJupka divna kao i uvijek :D


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