style brick road: but I just had to look, having read the book. I'd love to turn you on.

Monday, 28 November 2011

but I just had to look, having read the book. I'd love to turn you on.

hello boys&girls! :D

I'm currently studying political science (-.- I KNOW.) in the national library but at least I have my Mac with me so I can write a new post! :D

I'm just taking a quick break to put some new photos!

so yeah...

firstly, I owe you my 'streetstyle' photo of the second day so hear it is!

<3 this vintage feel. :D

what I wore:
blazer- vintage (from my parents' wedding! :D)
jeans- h&m
shirt- vintage
shoes- versace 4 h&m
belt- zara
eyeglasses- ray-ban
watch- marea

thankies to ljupka for these photos! :D


I must say that the third (the last!!) day was extremely traumatic for me.

I absolutely adore avantgarde fashion and performances on the runway but two fashion shows shown that were shown that day were juuuust a little bit too much for me. :)


my absolute favourite of all fashion shows shown on DFWZ was also showing the third day! :D

it's a design-sister duo from Belgium (Antwerp) called Capara.

their collection was full of wearable, high-end and fashionable pieces.

the styling was A-mazing and the jewelry was beautiful on its own.

the colours were on trend and the clean lines were so chic that I just wanted to take them all and put on a dress form just to look at them.

they were pieces of art.


perfect, right?! :D

and here's my rock'n'roll inspired outfit for the third day! :D

what I wore:
faux leather jacket- zara
grey cardigan- h&m
long sleeve shirt- amplified
leather vest- vintage 
snood- asos
backpack- asos
jeans- h&m
watch- vintage
green rope bracelet- h&m
spiky wire bracelet- topman
eyeglasses- ray-ban

hope you like it! ˆ*




  1. oh goodluck, the subject seems hard! ;) love your outfit for the 2nd and 3rd day, especially the 3rd day though, you rocked that outfit. And oh those pink shoes! they are lovely! :)

  2. oba su ti outfita genijalna! pink cipelice <3

  3. prvi outfit je jeben, ali drugi je fenomenalan <3333

  4. košulja i majica, ne znam u što sam se više zaljubila! <3

  5. Prvi outfit je prenajzakon i sat sam si isti takav naručila jedva čekam da dođe :D
    A za mašnicu ćemo se lako dogovoriti da ti napravim :D morat ćeš si samo vrat izmjeriti :D
    A to jednom kad ti, Ljupka i ja budemo išli na jednu blogersku kavu ;)

  6. Prva kombinacija je haos dobra!

  7. cipeliceeeee!!!! odlične....uvijek sam govorila pravi frajer zna nositi pink :)

  8. prva mi je genijalna, ta košulja i cipele <3 joj!!
    u drugoj si mačor!

  9. Prva kombinacija <3
    Košulja je diiiivna!;)

  10. predivan si! jedna od rijetkih muških osoba koja zna nositi roza boju :)
    svaka ti čast, kombinacije me oduševljavaju!

  11. your first look with shock pink shoes is so nice

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    Herdiana Surachman

  12. outfiti su odlični super nosiš te nove cipelice! :D i meni se Capara najviše svidjela ( i ne zato što su rođene u Bosni ) po svemu što sam vidjela i pročitala na blogovima njihove su mi stvari najbolje bile.

  13. iskreno, prvi put kad sam vidila te roze cipele bile su mi bljakica al ti taaaaako dobro stoje, good job! :)


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