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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

got a good reason for taking the easy way out.

hello boys&girls!

feeling like bad boy.

feeling confused.

thinkin' what the hell?

thinkin' what to do?

these four sentences describe my feelings today.

I realized that my exams start next week (the first one on Friday) and I have A LOT to do.

it caught me a bit off guard because I didn't realize it was so close until today.

but I do have the time.

and I hope I have the brains.

so, wish me luck. :D

I was completely alone today (with my doggie) today so I studied, sang, danced, jumped around the house and did all the things everyone does when they are alone. :D

and ate junk food (PIZZA ALERT)!

I had just one class in the evening so I had all day to myself.

it was FAB. :D

here are the photos of my today's outfit!

NOTE: I'm a bit cold so I won't post photos of my face because it's kinda swollen. xD

also, I was having idea of a harvard student (the bordeaux wine colour!) when I got dressed so I hope you get that vibe. :D

what I wore:
jumper- vintage (shetland)
jeans- diesel
jacket- h&m
bag- asos
bobble beanie- asos
shoes- zara
scarf- zara
watch- scoop

hope you like it! ˆ*



  1. i think that's a casual fits right?? so fun!

  2. Nice scarf!

  3. Ja u muskom obliku!
    No comments needed .

  4. yes, these are my only loose fit jeans. I also have one baggy jeans. and other's are skinny! :D

    hvala svima/thank u guys! ˆ*


    Dino! ˆ*


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