style brick road: November 2011

Monday, 28 November 2011

but I just had to look, having read the book. I'd love to turn you on.

hello boys&girls! :D

I'm currently studying political science (-.- I KNOW.) in the national library but at least I have my Mac with me so I can write a new post! :D

I'm just taking a quick break to put some new photos!

so yeah...

firstly, I owe you my 'streetstyle' photo of the second day so hear it is!

<3 this vintage feel. :D

what I wore:
blazer- vintage (from my parents' wedding! :D)
jeans- h&m
shirt- vintage
shoes- versace 4 h&m
belt- zara
eyeglasses- ray-ban
watch- marea

thankies to ljupka for these photos! :D


I must say that the third (the last!!) day was extremely traumatic for me.

I absolutely adore avantgarde fashion and performances on the runway but two fashion shows shown that were shown that day were juuuust a little bit too much for me. :)


my absolute favourite of all fashion shows shown on DFWZ was also showing the third day! :D

it's a design-sister duo from Belgium (Antwerp) called Capara.

their collection was full of wearable, high-end and fashionable pieces.

the styling was A-mazing and the jewelry was beautiful on its own.

the colours were on trend and the clean lines were so chic that I just wanted to take them all and put on a dress form just to look at them.

they were pieces of art.


perfect, right?! :D

and here's my rock'n'roll inspired outfit for the third day! :D

what I wore:
faux leather jacket- zara
grey cardigan- h&m
long sleeve shirt- amplified
leather vest- vintage 
snood- asos
backpack- asos
jeans- h&m
watch- vintage
green rope bracelet- h&m
spiky wire bracelet- topman
eyeglasses- ray-ban

hope you like it! ˆ*



Saturday, 26 November 2011

i've got to admit it's getting better. it's a little better all the time.

hello boys&girls!

I'm SOOOO sorry for not writing for so long but I really had THE busiest schedule. :S

I had my first exam (it went well!), the fashion started and I had to study study study for next week (more exams-YAAAY! -.-).

so, today's is the MEGA-est post (that means the most mega :P) EVER. :D

so, without any further ado...

firstly, here are some photos from the DFW Zagreb (Dreft Fashion Week)...


there were a lot of designers and I really have to write a lot of things in this post (including an interview!) so I'll put just my favourites one of each day! :D

the best of the first day, in my opinion, was definitely the show of The Rodnik Band- a london-based designer.

very fun and creative presentation.

at one point, 'Yellow Submarine' (THE BEATLES SONG!!!) started playing so I was EXTATIC!

if you want to see photos of the rest you can go HERE!!

but there were a lot of interesting people in the public (including me! :P) so here are the photos. :D

Ljupka! ˆ*

bloggers!! :D

giiiirls! :D

matea&mani! :D

and here's a bit of me! :D

what I wore:
blazer- vintage
t-shirt- h&m
trousers- zara
sneakers- zara
necklace- a gift from my friend Irena! :D
watch- vintage
eyeglasses- ray-ban


my favourite of the second day was a british-brazilian combination called Basso&Brooke.

I LOVE their palette of colours and mix of prints.

in the same time electric&powerful and calming. :D

they showed really simple silhouettes but they oomph-ed (is that a word?! :P) it up with those A-mazing prints. :D

some photos.

absolutely beautiful. 

agree? :D

and now some photos of those interesting people again! :D

 ana k. (psycho-couture) & ana b. (little fashion paradise).

I instantly fell in love with this fab dress ana b. wore (I'm a print maniac, I confess. :D)

it's a dress by aleksandra dojčinović- one of my favourite croatian designers.

fabulous, right? :D

ljupka, nikica (one half of the eNVy room- also one of my fav croatian designers) & ana! :D
and that's a designer carrying bloggers' stuff! :O

fabulous ana & her fabulous nail polish (UV guys, U-V!). :D

nina (la style muse) & moi! (sorry for stealing the photos :P)

the lovely ladies & moi! :D
so one day's still left so hope to enjoy some more fashion! :D

and since today is a Saturday...


so few days ago I wrote about the 'moda sa šlagom' and I mentioned YoSoyJuanita jewelry (which I already featured in the interview with the lovely Marita- <3) and the Osh Brosh brand- the adorable animal brooches! :D

and, as I said I was really hoping to get a chance to feature them on my blog!

and I am a lucky guy, I'll just say that...

they said yes!! :D

there are five girl-friends behind the name Osh Brosh.

they are Ana, Sanja, Darija, Ivana & Sonja, a long-time friends that put their creativity in something useful. :D

they all live and work in Zagreb and they have absolutely diffirent jobs & carriers (graphic design, textile design...) so each one of them put their own stamp on the final products! :D

and the final products are fabulous, fun, fashionable and wearable brooch! :D

1. When did you start making and selling your jewelry?
We started making it 2 years ago, and after we'd put up the facebook page we started selling it. :D

2. How did you come up with the name of your brand?
After the unsuccessful elaboration about the name of the brand, our dear friend Martina suggested the name (Osh Brosh) with which all five of us absolutely agreed on.

3. Can you live solely from selling your jewelry?
Due to our day-time jobs and other obligations we can't put as much effort in Osh Brosh as we want to so we really can't say.

4. How do you see the future of your brand?
We hope some day we'll be able to live and work solely for Osh Brosh.

5. What is your favourite piece of your jewelry?
Each one of us has their own favourite.
Ana- the dog
Sanja- the parrot
Darija- the heart
Ivana- the owl
Sonja- the cat

6. What would you like to say to your current and future fans?
We would like to thank them for following and loving us, and we promise to make you happy with our brooches. ˆ*

7. What's your inspiration and where do you go to find new ideas?
We really have a lot of inspiration but we really don't have that much time. We do try to constantly make new Osh Brosh characters, and we also try to listen to our customer's ideas and make their wishes come true because that way we also expand our offer.

8. Was your knowledge of fashion design helpful in making of your brand?
It really helps with the sewing, tailoring, technical details but also the visual identity of the brand.

9. Do you have more international or croatian customers?
Most of our customers are croatian but we can also say that Osh Brosh brooches can be seen on the streets of some other cities of the world. :D

photos!photos!photos! :D

my favourites are definitely the owls (especially the rock-inspired ones with the chains :P) and the cute little sheep! :D

here's the link ONE MORE TIME!! :)

the five designers kinda remind me of spice girls meets sex&thecity (AND I LOVE BOTH OF THOSE)- they all have their favourites and their own things but are also great friends! :D

thank you girls for the great interview!

I hope to collaborate with you in the future and I wish you all the best of luck! :D

hope you like it guys! ˆ*

p.s. on wednesday I'll announce the giveaway ( a fashion item from Accessories) and the rules! :D

x's!! :D