style brick road: style-brick-road. the beginning.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

style-brick-road. the beginning.

Every beginning is hard. That's a fact.

But 'style-brick-road' is not a rocky road. So let's share that trip. Nice and easy. Shall we?

I will put here things I like, I wear, I want to wear, I want to have. I can say- beautiful things. Hope all you think it's beautiful.

Also, you have the right to agree, to disagree, to love, to hate. That's your choice. Just don't be nasty. Or be, whatever. :D

I will start with a post about a thing/person I love. Just pure inspiration&wishlist. Enjoy.

 Versace 4 H&M men collection shoes.

Lady Gaga 4 ID magazine.

Jason Wu 4 Target sketch.

Chloé S/S 2012 (model: Kate King, ELITE)

Hope you liked the first trip down the 'style-brick-road' and that you'll join me- same place, another time.


update: Here's the logo of the blog. Hope you like it. :D


  1. Ipak si nam se odlučio pridružiti? Welcome! :)



  2. omg omg omg you have such cool blog, omg, the best one ever HAHAHAH :*
    LOVE U.

  3. Mislim da ću te sa radošću pratiti :) Veselim se postovima!


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