style brick road: Streetstyle no.1.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Streetstyle no.1.

Hello guys!

Tomorrow comes (at least in Croatia) in an hour but, since I'm all excited about my new blog, I decided to put up a new post!

It is about my today's outfit. I went to a place called 'Boja' (great coffee place in the centre of Zagreb- Teslina 10) for a tea with my new friend Ljupka ( It was great and I'm soooo glad I got a chance to talk with my favourite blogger.

Ljupka u rock! <3

Here's what I wore! (I'm sorry I don't have a better photo of the outfit but I don't have anyone to take a photo of me so I improvised :D)

What I wore:
blazer- vintage
light denim shirt- h&m
black skinny jeans- h&m
beige cardigan- h&m
sandy beanie cap- h&m
eyeglasses- ray-ban
scarf- zara
bag- asos
socks- h&m
boots- h&m

(yes, you can see I adore h&m :D)

Hope you like it, guys!! ˆ*



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  2. kombinacija je divna, samo što ti fali narukvica :P boja i LJuDi su zakon u duetu :* mom omiljenom blogeru cvikerašu :)

  3. You're very stylish. You should post more about your style and all! /E.♥


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