style brick road: 2011

Saturday, 31 December 2011

you know how hard it can be, the way things are going.

hello boys&girls! :D

only few hours away from THE MOMENT!

or should I say only 366 days and few hours away from THE MOMENT.

or 731 days and few hours.


so, the point is- this ''special'' moment happens every year.

in the same time.

so it's not that special!


but, I must say I'm looking forward to tonight's going out because I didn't go out for a long time so a bit of drinky drinky is good for me. :D

I'm gonna wear my h&m burgundy suit, patent faux leather shoes, white shirt, plaid bow-tie & red socks! :D

I need to look fab, right?! :D

I'm also working today so I won't have a lot of time to get ready and because of that, my outfit is on the hanger, waiting for me. :P

as I'm mentally getting ready for the countdown, I need to remind myself to all great things that happened this year- the 2011.

I started working (writing) for PushIt Moda, became student of journalism, made many new friends (bloggers&non-bloggers), made a blog (THIS ONE, YES! :P) and the most important thing I still have my old friends.

because, friends are the most important thing you can have. :D

and as one of those friends, Ana was the one of the last people I drank coffee with this year.

we were ata cool placed called Golf Café.

it's very cute, you get lemon&honey with tea and it's warm.

now that's what you need in these cold times (note: it's currently sunny here in Zagreb -.-)

here are the photos of my outfit...

what I wore:
coat- mcneal
sweater- h&m
shirt- zara
bow-tie- h&m
jeans- h&m
scarf- zara
socks- h&m
shoes- h&m
bag- asos
watch- certina
eyeglasses- ray-ban

thankies to Ana for the pics (we all <3 your canon- especially in your hands! :D)

so, although I hate this NYE sh*t, I will wish something, and I suggest that you do the same. :D

one wish that can come true is never a bad thing. ;)

I'm currently listening Auld Lang Syne performed by Lea Michele (you can listen to it on my blog :P) and feeling emotional.

dunno why.

probably this NYE sh*t. :DD

hope you like it! ˆ*



Friday, 30 December 2011

I want you in the morning girl I love you, I want you at the moment I feel blue.

hello boys&girls! :D

whatuuuup?! :D

ready for a new year?! :)

I'm so NOT into all this NYE sh*t. -.-

everyone expects it to be the best time in the year. -.-




you always gets bored (except the countdown) + you almost always lose the one's you get there with because there's loads of people in the same room. -.-

fun, huh?!

but hey, I'M GONNA WEAR A NICE OUTFIT SO THAT'S ONE GOOD SIDE (and possibly the only good side). :)

but forget that, and try to have fun! :)

I was a model for the first lookbook of one young&fab croatian designer.

it's Jelena Aleksić! :)

styling&clothes- Jelena Aleksić design
photography- Ivana Kragić
make up- Iva Kežman
models- Mario Bošnjak & Dino Bonačić (THAT'S ME!! :P)

we're representing blue mannequins! :D

and no, we're neither smurfs nor avatar people! :DD

but the photos are, you must admit, fab! :D

hope you like it! ˆ*

p.s. Tomorrow is the last saturday of the year, but I probably won't have enough time to post one because I'm working! :(

p.p.s. New playlist with songs that remind me of this year is up on style-brick-road! :D


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

and if you ever even try, I'm gonna sit right down and cry.

hello boys&girls! :D

I just can't believe that christmas has passed and there's no sign of snow.

and the snow-less time combined with the post-spending-money feeling gives you a post-christmas depression. :(

it's that awful feeling when you're sad because christmas is over, the christmas lamps are irritating you, and the reruns of those cheesy christmas movies you like before&during christmas are on. -.-

extremely annoying, right?!

+ the combination of the loss of the money in the wallet (because of those gifts you bought) and the big sales in stores (zara sale -.-) makes me sad.

BUT, if anything can help you (and me) get over that post-christmas depression) it's listening to bubble-gum pop-songs by those cheeky girl-bands AND viewing all the things you got for christmas (or bought it for yourself :D).

so that's what I did...

here are some things I got/bought...

h&m blazer (that matches my h&m trousers) on 50% sale! :D (gonna wear it for NYE)

I <3 NY t-shirts- black from my friend Ivana & white from my auntie Lana <3

zara infinity scarf on 50% sale! :D

h&m bow-tie- got it from my sis Tea for Christmas! :D

loveliest bosnian blogger Emina sent me this hand-made wool bow-tie as a gift! THANK YOU! <3

simple black-satin h&m bow-tie! :D

OH, TIGER! parrot I bought myself for Christmas! :D

faux patent-leather h&m shoes for NYE! :D

leather two-toned h&m shoes- 50% sale alert! :D

funny story about the last shoes- my bestest friend Nikolina bought the same ones for me for Christmas. xD

BUT, we went to h&m, exchanged them for the ones in her size!

AND now we have the same shoes! :D

did you buy anything in this season's sale?! :D

any funny story about a christmas gift maybe?! :P

hope you like it! ˆ*


Sunday, 25 December 2011

and so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun, the near and the dear ones, the old and the young.

hello boys&girls!!! :DDD


I hope you have/had fun with your family and friends and that you got the best gift ever! :D

I got some special gifts, some of them are a fab retro bow-tie from my sister, 2 'I <3 NY' t-shirts (white from my auntie, black from my friend :D), and the best thing ever- FLUFFY CARPET for my room (called 'super shaggy' :P) that I wanted for a long time. :D

so yeah, a successful christmas in terms of material gifts, but I can only hope for the success in terms of those important gifts- health, friends & happiness. :DDD

what did you get?! :D

so, let's leave christmas alone for a moment so I could present you an amazing project called ArtOmat.

it's an amazing project whose goal is to present young and not-yet-established croatian designers&artists.

ArtOmat is a creative and unconventional fair for people that think outside of box! :D

as I am one of those people I decided to visit it and buy some products of croatian design because I absolutely support croatian design. :D

so I want to share with you some of the best thing I saw there...

Aniba Design- part of Klub Prijatelja Nakita (Jewelry Friends Club)

 OH, TIGER!- one of my favourites...

 bought this cute parrot necklace there! :D

 ping/pong kolektiv (a group of some fab designers) 

Jane Doe- bestest inovation ever- chic winter skirts from winter jumpers! :D

 always fab Yo Soy Juanita!!! <3

HDLU stand (Croatian Association of Fine Arts)! :D

this is my favourite thing- Anna Šerić-Kuhinja's ultra-chic edible cakes covered in pieces of art *.*

 I would literally kill for this bag by Kristina Ivković! *.*

 this bag from recycled material was great but the artist/author didn't leave a tag. :(

ArtOmat lasted for 8 days (16-24 december) at a popular and unique location called 'Džamija' at the square of Žrtava Fašizma (the Victims of Fascism) and I hope that it will come back next year! :D

I'm very sorry that I couldn't make any of those amazing creative workshops they organized (especially sorry that I missed the one called 'Mosaic' by Ante Teskera. :D

the organizers of ArtOmat have put a lot of effort in the whole project because during those 8 days a lot of mini-events, parties and workshops were opened for everyone absolutely free. :D

mega-cool, right?! :D

 what I wore:
mixed-plaid shirt- asos
faux leather jacket- zara
grey cardigan- h&m
scarf- zara
belt- h&m
velvet red bow-tie- h&m kids
jeans- h&m
bag- dragon tattoo collection h&m/diy
boots- dr. martens

so, again, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you- enjoy it because it's only once in the year! <3

forget every bad thing, and do only good things!!! :DD

hope you like it! :D

christmas x's! :D